“Your best work is your expression of yourself. You may not be the greatest at it, but when you do it, you’re the only expert in it.” – Frank Gehry

Work On Your Game.

This statement isn’t only for a basketball player looking to improve. Work On Your Game is for you — yes, you. We all have a game — whether it be trading stock options, playing keyboards, selling street pharmaceuticals, writing books, running marathons, or winning court cases. Every day in your game, you either get better or get worse. Your peers face the same challenge. That statement up there is the foundation of the answer to any situation you face in your game. The rest? It’s your job to figure it out.

I am Dre Baldwin. Many know me through basketball — professional player, sometimes-trainer, video uber-publisher.

Sometimes I’m asked, “Dre, what is it that you actually do?” In a nutshell, I’m an Empowerment Expert. I don’t hold people’s hands. I empower people to make decisions for their lives, their businesses, their goals and ambitions. I empower people to take back any power they may have previously and mistakenly given away (even to me). I empower people with the information, knowledge, skills, belief and confidence to make decisions and act on them not now, but RIGHT now.

Other than that, I’m an entrepreneur (a person who organizes or operates businesses)– Author, Professional Speaker, Marketing Monster & Branding ExpertCoach/Consultant, Urban Philosopher/Motivator, Model, Grilled-Cheese Eater, and some other things. I’m from Philadelphia, PA — Mt. Airy, to be exact.. I used to sell water ice. (you don’t know what that is?!?!). I’ve been on some shows you may know of and a bunch that you may not have.

I’m an athlete and always will be, so the gym/exercise will always be part of my life. Otherwise, I’m either reading, writing, selling something, or empowering people — through videos, writing, coaching, consulting, and face-to-face conversations.

Why You Should Give A Damn:

I Created… The act of putting basketball skill workouts, drills tutorials & mental game content on the internet. I am THE YouTube Basketball Guru. Anyone you can name who also does it, came after me 4,500+ YouTube videos This website “Work On Your Game” My own lane.

I Wrote… A few books. Buy them Every one of 4,000+ post on this site (new content daily) My own script of success. The book on building a personal brand online for athletes — then diversifying that into much more than sports.

When I Began…
Playing Basketball – 1996-ish (age 14)
Believing In My Ability – 1997-98 (age 15-16)

Dunking – 1998 (age 16)
Blogging – May 2005
Pro Basketball – September 2005 (age 23)
DreAllDay.com – July 2007

Why My Story Matters:

I wasn’t born this way.

I came from being a pushed-around, laughed-at, nerdy, Steve Urkel-like elementary school student to averaging 2ppg on the varsity basketball team as a high school senior (read about that in “Buy A Game” [FREE]) to kicked out of my college’s basketball program as a junior and playing intramurals as a college senior (won the championship!)… to a professional player. Along the way I have seen, done and learned a lot. I share it all through my writing, videos, professional speaking, and even direct conversations if you ever happen to run into me in person. My edge: I’ve gathered myself and come back on many occasions when it would have been perfectly reasonable to quit (and I know many more-talented-than-me people who did just that). This all being true, this site is not all underdog guts-and-glory — I hate that type of talk, for one.  Listening to it is even worse than writing it. I have a high sense of self-importance, if you haven’t noticed yet, and there are no apologies offered for it (I’m actually giving a TEDxTalk on the topic soon — stay tuned). I wouldn’t be here — and neither would you — if I weren’t that way. On DreAllDay.com, I am sharing with you 100% of me, and dammit, that’s more than enough reason for you to care.

Why You Should Know Me:

1) Because my name and presence is a brand — just the way I always planned it (though I could not have always verbalized it). None of what I’ve done is personally overwhelming or dumb luck. I wanted all of it and I still want more, which is why I get out of bed in the morning.

My reason to get up in the morning. #Motivation #Google #WOYG #Inspiration

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2) You probably know someone who could benefit form hearing/reading what I have to share. So share it!

3) You or someone you know could benefit from doing business, collaborating or sharing ideas with me. Reach out to me.

This website is all me, as you can tell. Along with what you see on YouTube and the basketball programs here and the coaching/consulting I do.. I’ll be updating this soon, I want to help those who are up-and-coming (athlete or not) to learn how to, and be inspired to, help themselves — the resources you have or don’t have is not the determining factor in how far you can go. The determining factor is how far you want to go. On YouTube, you’ll see what a basketball player practices, how he practices it, and how much — over 3,000 4,000 videos to date and counting. I also talk motivation and mindset, which are really what made those 4,000 vids possible; it is a skill thing, but it’s not, at the same time. Read on and peruse the rest of this site for more insight — blog posts, the stuff I read, me discussing my own experiences, and organized lists of my videos. I even wrote my first book in December 2012 (it’s free to read the PDF). I’ve since published four more — check me out on Amazon.

When I was a senior in college I wrote out a 10-year plan of things I wanted to accomplish. That 10-year mark has passed: I’ve made some happen and I’m working on the rest (with a new list). One of my stated goals in that ten-year plan — written on a desktop computer that was soooo slow I’d leave it on overnight to fully load ESPN.com — was to have my own website that was for, by and about me. I didn’t even care of no one read it, as long as it existed. CHECK. Being a guest on the Oprah show? Not yet.


My first YouTube upload was the actual highlight package I used to sign with my first agent, who in turn landed me my first professional contract in 2005. I  uploaded it to YouTube — simply because I wanted to safe-keep what was a VHS video tape and YouTube looked like a strong site that would be around for awhile. 9 years and over 3,000 4,000 videos later, here we are.

My accomplishments thus far in life I credit to 5 pivotal attributes: Self-Discpline; Boldness; Energy; Determination; and Hustle.

FAQ Answered (see the rest here): I became “good” at basketball when I began to believe I could play ball with any player in the World, on any stage. It took me a damned long time to get to where I could say that.

I heard someone say that what you do proves what you believe. I Believe there are 3 things I do through this site and affiliated sites I was put on this planet to do 1) Provide for young aspiring athletes what I didn’t have as a young aspiring player: Some direction and guidance as to how you can get better in basketball. 2) Show the world that you don’t need a bevy of resources to become great at this game or any other game. You only need 2 things: 1 — To know what work is required of you; 2 — Desire & commitment to doing the work. 3) To inspire and be inspired. Motivation is what makes you go do something; inspiration reminds you of what’s already inside of you — then you go do something. When I was young I wrote down this list of things that inspired me: some Vince Carter dunk, a game when Micheal Jordan scored 50 points, a line DMX said in a rap song, etc. I always look for things that inspire me — people, places, music, ideas — and I envison, one day, there will be legions of very successful, accomplished poeple, in any field of life, that will say,

‘When I was coming up, this dude named DreAllDay, Dre Baldwin, inspired me, moved me, to go do sumthin’. And I did something, and I appreciate that man.’

That’s why I do this.

It is God’s plan — my destiny — to be doing what I’m doing right now — basketball, websites, books, YouTube videos, everything else. How do I know? Cuz I’m here doing it.  Otherwise, this would be someone else’s website, or maybe still a void out there.



DreAllDay.com contains intellectual property owned by Dre Baldwin & WOYG Enterprises, trade dress, copyrights, proprietary information and other intellectual property. You may not modify, publish, transmit, participate in the transfer or sale of, create derivative works from, distribute, display, reproduce or perform, or in any way exploit in any format whatsoever any of the DreAllDay.com content, in whole or in part without our prior written consent. We reserve the right to immediately remove your account and access to DreAllDay.com, including any products or services offered through the site, without refund, if you are caught violating this intellectual property policy.

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  1. can you give me your number so i can call you i want to do private training im 5,6 in 11 the grade
    i work hard every day i hardly get picked up in basketball games and im always the worst one i want
    become better im not a person who gives up. i kill my self on defense and im not that good offensive player
    my time is running out i want play at the highest level and be able to perform at the highest level from elementary to now im still not the player i want to be my body is not that strong i want body to be like michael jordan in his prime im not gonna give till i reach my goals please help me i crossover anyone that gaurds me
    i want to prove to people that i can play basketball

  2. hey dre , love what you are doing and i thank you for all the help you have provided for me and other bball players out there
    quick question man, i see a player like Isiah Thomas who is my height, yeh he has some few pounds on me and a few inches on his vert, but the way he is able to absorb contacts from the bigs and still make the play blows my mind, i watch him almost ever game and then watch his offensive highlights, he actually gets bigger players off of him with a shoulder nudge , at his size thats amazing
    i’ve been trying to do that , look for contact instead of getting away from it, any tips on how to make that happen man? does the fact that he has such a large lower body glutes and thighs that he has that balance ?

  3. Hey Dre, what city do you live in? I live in Austin, just thought it’d be cool to meet you if you live close!

  4. In addition, my fiancè is highly passionate about basketball and want to play overseas. He plays the position of Power Forward and Center. He’s 6’7 and he doesn’t know what steps to take to get to Overseas. He’s willingto work hard and put forth all the effort needed. He doesn’t know whether he should continue school or just get down to training for his dream. What stepsdo you think he should take?

    • He can read the Guides & Tips page on this site and help himself. He’s a man -- “I don’t know what to do” is not an acceptable phrase if he’s serious about making something happen for himself.

  5. If an individual had already played two years of college basketball and has stopped playing for a w while due to transfering to another Two year school to get the credits, hours, and grades needed, do you think that person should just focus on getting a job and training themselves to play for overseas, especially with a passion for ball, or continue to play basketball in college?

    • That person needs to decide their own life, if you’re in college you are basically an adult — too old to not be making their own decision on what to do.

  6. Kayden stockdale

    Hey dre,
    I was wondering if you could tell me what your actual ball handling and passing drills are. The ones that you do so like your daily routine. I’m 13 and just lookin to improve my game. I was also wondering what your routine was when you were my age, I’m just overwhelmed by all of the different drills I can do if you understand.

    Thanks, you inspire me

  7. nittany lion lax

    Playing a sport every season of the year can be tough. Especially when you are trying to focus and really improve. Its hard to play without thnkinf about another sport. The motto “Work on your Game” keeps me focused. Its perfect. Whether its practice, lifting, a tournament, or a preseason game it always applies to your situation and thats why it works. I started watching your videos about 4 years ago to help with my game. At first I thought nothing about WOYG. Then i applied it to my game and i saw improvements in all aspects of football, basketball, lacrosse, and soccer.

    Who would of thought Id play the guy who helped improve my game. (PSU IM Building) Thanks for the help.

  8. Short Asian

    Hey Dre, every time I walked onto the courts I always get looked down upon because of my image. The sad fact was, it was mostly true. I couldn’t dribble the ball to save my life or make a shot within 5 feet of the goal. I was tired of being mediocre so I started watching your videos. Now, I always surprise other people with my skills, and I help others who think they aren’t good at basketball because other people tell them they aren’t. It’s all thanks to your videos and your motto.

  9. Hey man you’ve been a great inspiration to me and I’d like to thank you for it. Thanks to you I’m actually improving my game and doing something good for myself. I like that you take your time to respond to people on here that have questions, which many people aren’t willing to do, and you like to improve and help others improve. You’ve certainly helped me, and not just in basketball. You’ve taught me to never be lazy, and to get up and do something. Keep up your great work. My violin teacher has always told me “if I can do it, you can do it.” I think if you “work on your game” and keep at something, that is actually true. Thanks man for everything.

  10. I got your ball handeling video and there is about 80 videos. I wanted to know when is a good time to move from one video to another

  11. William R.Anthony

    Hey Dre,watched your Ballhandling vids this week… i like them bad boys. Dre Baldwin Greatest thing to hit youtube. Do you remember NBA Inside Stuff ?

  12. Jarett D.

    You really inspire me to go work hard and earn a spot to play ball and go prove that I am better than people think I am I didn’t make my middle school basketball team but I work hard every day and I really feel that I am going to earn a spot in the team next year. Thanks for your help.

  13. Hi again Dre,I’m in 8th grade and going to be high school next year.what should I do to get to be in high school basketball team.



  15. edgard polynice

    im 5 9 canu give some tips for dunking for short people

  16. Hi Dre im 12 going to be 13 in may. I’m 5 foot 7 and i wanted to know if I can have a few tips on jumping higher thx naeem

  17. Dear Dre,
    thanks for putting out your vids. Because of them . I learned how to do behind the back, through the legs and the lesson of working hard everyday. Today I worked out for 3 hours straight because of you inspiring others.

    Michael Cedeno

  18. Dear Dre,
    Thanks. I will follow your advice and just work on my game.

  19. Dear Dre,
    I got cut from the middle school basketball team. I knew I could have made it but it wasn’t my team. I am only in 6th grade. Do you have any advice for me to step my game up?

  20. Shai Shalev

    Hey Dre.
    How can i clean my mind and focus only on basketball and study?
    basketball is what I only think about every moment! but I can’t focus always another things come up to my mind and I don’t want that shit.. what should I do?

  21. Michael Jimenez

    Your an inspiration to me. Through all your tough times you still manage to continue to work and be patient and I respect that alot. I have been through similar situations and Im all alone on this journey but if you can make it that means that I could. I will continue to work on my game because I love it and I want to be able to support myself and my family for as long as I can while playing this game. I would like to converse with you more if that’s ok because your a role model for me. Keep grinding man!

  22. Hey dre. Watched SMS of your videos and they look amazing. I’m 12 about to be 13 any vertical leap tips

  23. Noah Bostick

    Sup Dre im 13 5’8 and i lift weights a lot and everyone says it’ll stunt my growth idk if there just messing around but will it affect my growth?? And i wanna say thank you for all uve done your really helpin my game i hope you keep doin this forever your my fav. bball player it’s funny when ppl ask who my favorite basketball player is and i say Dre Baldwin n there always like what who the hells that?!? ha but anyway i hope you can make it in the nba you really deserve it =]

    • I’m not qualified to give you a good answer on that; you should ask a doctor who knows. I am making a strength training program that is suitable for your age that will be out by summer 2012; I will announce it on YouTube. Thanks a lot for your support!

  24. im 15 and 5 10 i can shoot dribble drive and pass pretty good but the only thing holding me back is that im skinny and im trying to gain weight buy when i do i just go burn it off by going to the gym playing pick-up practicing and trying to get better, how do i gain alot of weight while still maintaining my skills

    • If you are a good player your weight is not an issue at age 15. Any player could theoretically stand to get bigger but “good” is still “good.” If you can play you can play, period. To say your weight is holding you back means you are not being realistic about your basketball skills. No college or HS coach is looking at a 15 year old player and saying, “If only he weighed more, I’d want him.”

  25. And if u can, can u do a video of how to shoot a fadeaway? Thank you!

  26. Did u play in Miami Heat summer league?

  27. Have you every had a major injury like a tore acl which i have now and it sucks i cant play for like 8 months?

  28. thxs

  29. Hey Dre, im 15 and 5’10. I been watching your vids and my ball handling as improved. But i was just wondering how i can improve my quickness, and footwork?

  30. Hey . I’m 15 years old and I’m 5″9 . Do you have any tips or exercises for grow up (height ) ? Everybody knows MJ story . I want to be 6″4 -- 6″6.
    P.S I’m from Poland and thats the way why my english is so poor :)

  31. I want to see a video of you playing full court 5 on 5. Just curious to see if your drills and training are actually paying off.


    Can you receive a atheketic scholarship being a walk-on?


    Dre I recently read on your website about your autobiography. How did you end up being recruited and making the team in high school. It was kind of hard to make the team in high school. How did you overcome the pressure and challenge . How many times you trued out and when u tried out?

  34. Hey my names grant and I play aau basketball for the virgina sonics and for my middle school team. I’m 12 years old and am 5ft9in. I play center and Dnt have Any good moves to get around the players that are taller than me. Do u have any thing u can do that will help?

  35. do u think i could dunk i m 5 feet 6 inches

  36. i am 16 and i am tall about 181-183 cm .
    i want to do exercses for vertical jump.
    like jumping on a skipping rope ,
    calf raises , . Jump on the spot as high as possible ,
    something like that , but i am afraid of doing it these exercise that i will stop growing . ??
    is there any connection or ?

  37. name's boiler

    Hey Dre I’d really like to see you do that hesitation pull up in an NBA jersey any chances this year ?

  38. yo Dre im good player but i want to be a better player how much ours i gotta train i gotta a 13 years text me
    thank you bye

  39. What up Dre. I got great basketball IQ great determination but i stopped fuckin with the weights for a while and ever since i started lifting again its like i forgot to shoot a basketball i cant even hit the fuckin rim. I was a D1 prospect (ASU & Washington State) in 10th grade and now i feel like im on some space jam shit like someone just sucked all the skill out me. U got any advice? The last 3 weeks i been puttin up roughly 200 jumpers a day (100 in the morning and 100 at night) lemme know if u got some advice.

  40. Thanks dude and good luck!

  41. Hey Dre i have a Q:
    I go to a really great private school academically. I’m going into hs and get about 2-3 hrs of homework a night and i still want to practice basketball because i want to make it to college ball. Do you have any tips on how to manage my time to where i can play ball a lot and still maintain my good grades?

    By the way you are very inspirational and i hope you make the NBA one day. Good Luck

  42. Hi !
    I got a Q ..
    I’m 16 i’m playing center and I live in europe
    What does I have to train if i want to get into college ?

  43. wasup dre the key thing to to basketball is playing right what if my coach doesnt play me nd i kno im better than everyone but about two people it frustrates me because he just focuses on specific people i train by myself at a gym everyday until about 1:00 am but i really dont kno wat to do about this coach

  44. Thanks man. I’m gonna play ball for at least 3-4 hours every day now.

  45. Hi,
    I just recently watched some of your vids. And they really motivated me. I’ve had the same dream as you for along time, I’ve been dreaming of playing proffessional basketball ever since i was 7 years old. I’m only 15 teen years old and only 5ft 8 but ive come along ways since middle school. And i’ve been knocked down many times and have gone through many challenges and i was just wondering what tips you have for achieveing my dream goal.

  46. Hi again

    my shooting was good during the past few days, but my friends started laughing at me
    I asked why and they said my form was wrong
    i tried doing the right form but the my confidence was lost
    and for me my confidence is really important while playing bball. Did you ever face a problem like this? If yes, what did you do

  47. gabriel from orlando

    dre,how can i get my team to stop being intimidated before the games there always looking at what the other team is doing am very consistent and ALWAYS try to get them involved but they just pass the rock back i get them open fast breaks they pick up there dribble at the 3point line,am not gonna lie am a very quite guy i try to give em a slap on the back or have small conversations on time out’s and i try to give them confidence,my couch tells me am doing everything right but i no am really not,i want to be a leader so should i stop being quite and step up and really start talking and talk on the court?should i be lik a kevin garnnet and get my intensidy up?thanx man uve helped me out so much but is it time to help my self like you always say.

  48. loveship123

    how the fuck are you not ballin in the nba man do work and get it done. just so you no i actually liked your vids. they helped me improve my game.
    thanks man.

  49. yo dre, do you have any tips on when to cut or how to spot a cut? thnx

  50. I just read read your website and I wish the best of luck to you and hope to see you in the nba. Remember keep working hard no matter what comes your way, you must stay in your straight path to the nba and get around the obstacles in your way. Sky is the limit good luck

  51. im only 13 and 5ft’9 and im going to be a freshman. last year my team only won 4 games out of 20!!! so this offseason i spent 2 hours in the gym practicing everyday. and 1 hour conditioning. do you think ill reach my goal of making my freshman team? yes i do believe quality over quantity

    • only two people whose opinions matter:

      1) You
      2) The coach

      Believe in urself before you worry if anyone else believes in you. Once you do, you wont even care what anyone else thinks!

  52. yo Dre.. i admire your training and your progress.. and your tips.. and your Caps in some vids. but.. what i admire the most is that you reply every single people in this site..in facebook, in youtube.. everyone…. cmon.! you have people answering for u! :(

  53. out of curiosity… how tall are you?

  54. Hey Dre, I practice basketball every day and I am a really good shooter when I am by my self but when it comes to games my form just collapses into me pushing the ball the the basket and I was wonder if you had any tips on that. Also I would like to know who you want to win the playoffs…

  55. Dre,my name is Allen Rodrigue. Im 13 and i love basketball but the school team i was playing for the season is over and the other team the season is over. And i would like to play more but idk how to get in AAU ik im good enough to play can u help me?

    • hey Allen thanks for the question. look up local AAU teams in your area or ask your parents to find one. if one exists, you will find it if you look!

  56. Dre. Do you dream about being in the NBA everynite? Do you think about basketball every second of the day? is it truly the thing u think about most? it is for me. and i want it more than anything. just wondering what u thot.

  57. dre since you said you want a wiki page i’ve decided to make you one.

  58. yo dre can you please make a vid on defense

  59. mytimeisnow

    What’s up Dre? Keep working hard and never give up. You are an inspiration to the youth. My question to you is what does basketball mean to you? and what do you hope to achieve in life as a pro basketball player?

    Good luck in the future.

  60. Do you have a skype?

  61. I play for a 3A school. Do I have a chance to make it to colege playin ball?

  62. Phillip24

    Sup man. I think ull make it. I’ve been watch ur dribbling drills and tryin them and I think they’ve helped. Thanks alot man. I appreciate it. I too have a goal of a NBA future. Did u have a AAU/travel ball team? If so let me kno if it helped any. Thanks again

  63. hey dre, well im 15 and im only 5 foot 4 but i can dunk in practice. im just wonderin how i can actually throw it down cuz i cant palm it. also, like, how u handle like if 2 bitches want you to fuck em and like both hot but dont like each other. i assume you know aha seems like you get some. final question, how come you have this site?

    Thanks and goodluck

  64. wats up dre
    look im having a problem and i need help
    1.im fat but very gud im 1 of the best shooters on my team
    2.my coach keep benching me i dont know why
    3.i need to get quicker
    4.wat do i have to do to show my coach that im gud anough

  65. deym its hard

  66. when im driving the ball im getting shy because my teammates might think that im a ball hog and they might not join me in their game again because im just wasting the ball.
    help :)

  67. How come when im doin pull up jumper i feel something is wrong?

  68. Yo Dre!

    -- Are you going to play in the D-league camp next time?

    -- What teams have you been playin’ for ?

    -- Your vertical?

    -- How fast do you run on 100m?

    -- Do you play on a team right now?

    From The Yellow Kid, Marlon!

    • what up Yellow Kid.
      -- maybe. dont know yet about that.
      -- read the basketball section, it’s all there.
      -- never been officially measured.
      -- never did that either.
      -- not signed right now.

      thanks for the questions!

  69. I also really want to become a pro basketball player, and I am very appreciative of what you are doing here. You inspire quite alot of people to really try and reach their goals (including me).

    I try to practise as much as possible, but the thing is that I dont really have the facilities around to be able to play everyday. My school gym is accessible only for my basketball training (tuesday) I play county basketball whcih trainign is on monday and games on friday. Besides those 3 days I dont really get the chance to play basketball except in outside courts. WHich I hate playing in couse of the wind and stuff messing my shot up, also whether here in england isnt exacly great. Most of the free time I have i spend in the gym workign out hoping to still get physical stronger than my competition. Basically I play ball 3 times a week of playing ball and 3 times at gym. Just wondering what you think about those figures, is it enough because I feel it isn’t.

  70. rayallenfans

    Hi there,
    I’m just a guy who lives in HongKong and watched some vids of you on youtube.
    Those videos uploaded may not help much cuz people still need to work on it no matter if they watched those videos, but i reckon that it may be kind of incentive to you to work hard on your game.
    I’ve seen your profile, and I found that you’re already 27, although you’re still young, as an athletes, would you think that your age actually become one of your huge obstacles to getting in the NBA?and how you’ll come over it?
    I know you’ll fight for it anyway though, i’m just curious about that, i know players, especially international players play NBA late, like Navarro from Spain, i’ll say this is the ultimate goal of basketball players, right?
    Do you feel you’re ready for NBA now? or is there still much room for improvement before getting a try? or make it clear, do you think you’re competitive enough for NBA now, if not, what’s your planning in the upcoming future?
    even though you said many times that you won’t teach people how to practice since you’re not a trainer, but still, i wish to see this kind of videos from you (actually you did, but most of them aren’t detailed enough only), you know, there’s not many opportunities for people to know how a pro player practice everyday, and it would be a great reference for those who can die for basketball like how you’re. Of course, it’s only my opinion, it’s no need to think about it too much.

    Your passion did inspired many people(including me) in my view, hope that I’ll see your performance in the NBA in the foreseeable future.

    PS: I’m sorry for my poor english, hope you know what i’m talking about 😛

  71. I said i didnt want to come in a silly team, but if im way better than my teammates theyll probably let me join a better team. I think i’ll join one soon, thanks.

  72. Hi,

    Whats your advice for someone whos a kid, just started playing basketball (streetball mostly), has to spend a lot of time in school, but doesnt want to take lessons, wants to do it all on his own. I have no friends who play and want to play basketball like i want. I have only one court which is outside and it keeps snowing. If youd see me, you will wonder how I became like I am now if you know ive been training in my living room for like 1 month straight everyday all day long xD I dont want to take basketball lessons yet, I dont want to play in a silly team. I want to become better, or even good first before playing in a team. What should you advice me, wait til summer so I can play on the outside court, or just take lessons? Also, if i see how much time ive got left everyday after school, I dont think i can follow every lesson.
    Something about myself: If I want something, I go for it, I need a very very good reason to give up.
    Hope u understood this long “story” :p.

    • if you ant to get better or test your game, you need to play against other people! join a team or play in a rec league outside of school. if you want to be known, you have to show your face and get out there.

  73. I’m about 6’2 I make 200 three pt mon and thur. Tue and wend I make 500 mid range shots fri and sun I make 200 foul shots and running up and down the court shooting mid range. When can I see improvement in my shot. And what kind of vertical excersises can I do besides squats to gain some inches I do leg presses and calf raises now

    • if ur shooting that much you should see improvement in a week. but there is no science to improving a hot, you have to see for urself. for vertical stuff, look up the Air Alert program

  74. I have been working on my game and getting better the more I play and hope someday I can become a professional basketball player.

  75. id like to ask you how exactly the process of entering the NBA is, because I have read that you can send a form filled with your data to the headquarters of the NBA and show your interest on entering a draft. Then they call you and you just show your skill in the draft. Please explain it with a lot of detail I want to know all about it.

  76. just asking did you go to college and how much did you pay for the d league tryout and did you just show up or you called and stuff .

  77. how old are yu dude???

  78. I have a Q?
    Im Mex. so its hard to get far in sports over here people tell me by the way im playing i can get far in basketball but im too short no like super short im like 6 ft. but since i started going to the gym and im also growing I have lost my shot i cant make 3s the way i used to im struguling alot lately and that brings me down a little what can i do to get my shot back and Jump a little higher??????

  79. do you have any tips on how get your vertical jump higher

    • practice explosive jumping when you play/ work out. there are programs out there specifically for vertical jump; look around and decide which is for you

  80. Josh....

    Good Luck Mann!!!! i too have goal not a dream of playin profesional basketball.. and i live in england which doesnt reli help the odds.. but i have the same mentality as you..

    Good Luck!!

  81. OneOnly242

    yea n c u on t.v in a few

  82. OneOnly242

    just out of curiosity y don’t you just try out for an NBA Team like how renee depree did

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