“Your best work is your expression of yourself. You may not be the greatest at it, but when you do it, you’re the only expert in it.” – Frank Gehry


Work On Your Game.

This statement isn’t only for a basketball player looking to improve. Work On Your Game is for you — yes, you. We all have a game — whether it be trading stock options, playing keyboards, street pharmaceuticals, writing books, running marathons, or winning court cases. Every day in your game, you either get better or get worse. Your peers face the same challenge. That statement up there is the foundation of the answer to any situation you face in your game. The rest? You’ll figure it out.

I am Dre Baldwin. Many of you know me through basketball — professional player, sometimes-trainer, video-maker. People sometimes ask me, “Dre, what is it that you actually do?” I’m an entrepreneur — author, professional speaker, marketing & branding expertconsultant, urban philosopher/motivator, and some other things. I’m an athlete at heart and always will be, so naturally I play my sport and go to gyms a lot. Outside of that, I do a lot of reading & writing, and spend much time on computers and/or online.

There are a lot of basketball players who may be better players than me, but none is a better marketer, promoter or salesperson.

Why You Should Give A Damn:

I Created… The act of putting basketball skill workouts, drills & tutorials on the internet. I am THE YouTube Basketball Guru. Anyone you can name who also does it, came after me 4,000+ YouTube videos This website “Work On Your Game” My own lane.

I Wrote… A few books. Buy them Every one of 4,000+ post on this site (new written stuff daily) My own script of success.

When I Began…
Playing Basketball – 1996-ish (age 14)
Believing In My Ability – 1997-98 (age 15-16)
Blogging – May 2005
Pro Basketball – September 2005 (age 23)
DreAllDay.com – July 2007

Why My Story Matters:

I came from being a nerdy, Steve Urkel-like elementary school student to averaging 2ppg on the varsity basketball team as a high school senior (read about that in “Buy A Game” [FREE]) to kicked out of my college’s basketball program as a junior to playing intramurals as a college senior… to a professional player. Along the way I have seen, done and learned a lot. I share it all through my writing, speaking, and conversations if you ever happen to run into me. I gathered myself and came back on many occasions when it would have been perfectly reasonable to quit (and I know many more-talented-than-me people who did just that). This all being true, this site is not all underdog guts-and-glory — I hate that type of talk, for one.  Listening to it is even worse than writing it. I have high sense of self-importance, if you haven’t noticed yet, and there are no apologies offered for it. I wouldn’t be here — and neither would you — if I weren’t that way. On DreAllDay.com, I am sharing with you 100% of me, and dammit, that’s more than enough reason for you to care.

Why You Should Know Me:

1) Because my name and presence is a brand — just the way I always planned it. None of what I’ve done is personally overwhelming or dumb luck. I wanted all of it and I still want more, which is why I get out of bed in the morning.


My reason to get up in the morning. #Motivation #Google #WOYG #Inspiration

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2) You probably know someone who could benefit form hearing/reading what I have to share.

3) You or someone you know could benefit from doing business, collaborating or sharing ideas with me. Reach out to me.

This website is all me, as you can tell. Along with what you see on YouTube and the programs here and the coaching/consulting I do here, I want to help those who are up-and-coming (athlete or not) to learn how to, and be inspired to, help themselves — the resources you have or don’t have is not the determining factor in how far you can go. The determining factor is how far you want to go. On YouTube, you’ll see what a basketball player practices, how he practices it, and how much — over 3,000 4,000 videos to date and counting. I also talk motivation and mindset, which are really what made those 4,000 vids possible; it is a skill thing, but it’s not, at the same time. Many of you got to this website from YouTube, so you have some idea of what goes on over there. Read on and peruse the rest of this site for more insight — blog posts, the stuff I read, my discussing my own experiences, and organized lists of my videos. I even wrote my first book in December 2012 (it’s free to read the PDF). I’ve since published four more — check me out on Amazon.

When I was a senior in college I wrote out a 10-year plan of things I wanted to accomplish. That 10-year mark has passed: I’ve made some happen and I’m working on the rest (with a new list). One of my stated goals in that ten-year plan — written on a desktop computer that was soooo slow I’d leave it on overnight to fully load ESPN.com — was to have my own website that was for, by and about me. I didn’t even care of no one read it, as long as it existed. CHECK. Being a guest on the Oprah show? Not yet.

My first YouTube upload was the actual highlight package I used to sign with my first agent, who in turn landed me my first professional contract in 2005. I  uploaded it to YouTube — simply because I wanted to safe keep what was a VHS video tape and YouTube looked like a strong site that would be around for awhile. 9 years and over 3,000 4,000 videos later, here we are.

My accomplishments thus far in life I credit to 5 pivotal attributes: Self-Discpline; Boldness; Energy; Determination; and Hustle.

FAQ Answered (see the rest here): I became “good” at basketball when I began to believe I could play ball with any player in the World, on any stage. It took me a damned long time to get to where I could say that.

I heard someone say that what you do proves what you believe. I Believe there are 3 things I do through this site and affiliated sites I was put on this planet to do 1) Provide for young aspiring players what I didn’t have as a young aspiring player: Some direction and guidance as to how you can get better in basketball. 2) Show the world that you don’t need a bevy of resources to become great at this game or any other game. You only need 2 things: 1 — To know what work is required of you; 2 — Desire & commitment to doing the work. 3) To inspire and be inspired. Motivation is what makes you go do something; inspiration reminds you of what’s already inside of you — then you go do something. When I was young I wrote down this list of things that inspired me: some Vince Carter dunk, a game when Micheal Jordan scored 50 points, a line DMX said in a rap song, etc. I always look for things that inspire me — people, places, music, ideas — and I envison, one day, there will be legions of very successful, accomplished poeple, in any field of life, that will say,

‘When I was coming up, this dude named DreAllDay, Dre Baldwin, inspired me, moved me, to go do sumthin’. And I did something, and I appreciate that man.’

That’s why I do this. I could be like most players and just work out, play my games, and you wouldn’t know me from the next man or woman. It is God’s plan — my destiny — to be doing what I’m doing right now — basketball, websites, books, YouTube videos, everything else. How do I know? Cuz I’m here doing it.  Otherwise, this would be someone else’s website, or maybe still a void out there.



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  1. Noah Bostick

    Sup Dre im 13 5’8 and i lift weights a lot and everyone says it’ll stunt my growth idk if there just messing around but will it affect my growth?? And i wanna say thank you for all uve done your really helpin my game i hope you keep doin this forever your my fav. bball player it’s funny when ppl ask who my favorite basketball player is and i say Dre Baldwin n there always like what who the hells that?!? ha but anyway i hope you can make it in the nba you really deserve it =]

    • I’m not qualified to give you a good answer on that; you should ask a doctor who knows. I am making a strength training program that is suitable for your age that will be out by summer 2012; I will announce it on YouTube. Thanks a lot for your support!

  2. im 15 and 5 10 i can shoot dribble drive and pass pretty good but the only thing holding me back is that im skinny and im trying to gain weight buy when i do i just go burn it off by going to the gym playing pick-up practicing and trying to get better, how do i gain alot of weight while still maintaining my skills

    • If you are a good player your weight is not an issue at age 15. Any player could theoretically stand to get bigger but “good” is still “good.” If you can play you can play, period. To say your weight is holding you back means you are not being realistic about your basketball skills. No college or HS coach is looking at a 15 year old player and saying, “If only he weighed more, I’d want him.”

  3. And if u can, can u do a video of how to shoot a fadeaway? Thank you!

  4. Did u play in Miami Heat summer league?

  5. Have you every had a major injury like a tore acl which i have now and it sucks i cant play for like 8 months?

  6. thxs

  7. Hey Dre, im 15 and 5’10. I been watching your vids and my ball handling as improved. But i was just wondering how i can improve my quickness, and footwork?

  8. Hey . I’m 15 years old and I’m 5″9 . Do you have any tips or exercises for grow up (height ) ? Everybody knows MJ story . I want to be 6″4 -- 6″6.
    P.S I’m from Poland and thats the way why my english is so poor :)

  9. I want to see a video of you playing full court 5 on 5. Just curious to see if your drills and training are actually paying off.


    Can you receive a atheketic scholarship being a walk-on?


    Dre I recently read on your website about your autobiography. How did you end up being recruited and making the team in high school. It was kind of hard to make the team in high school. How did you overcome the pressure and challenge . How many times you trued out and when u tried out?

  12. Hey my names grant and I play aau basketball for the virgina sonics and for my middle school team. I’m 12 years old and am 5ft9in. I play center and Dnt have Any good moves to get around the players that are taller than me. Do u have any thing u can do that will help?

  13. do u think i could dunk i m 5 feet 6 inches

  14. i am 16 and i am tall about 181-183 cm .
    i want to do exercses for vertical jump.
    like jumping on a skipping rope ,
    calf raises , . Jump on the spot as high as possible ,
    something like that , but i am afraid of doing it these exercise that i will stop growing . ??
    is there any connection or ?

  15. name's boiler

    Hey Dre I’d really like to see you do that hesitation pull up in an NBA jersey any chances this year ?

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