The Basketball World Revolution Is Coming.

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Here I do my best to paint pictures of my playing experiences. My #1 goal in starting this site and writing about this stuff is to make the stories enjoyable and share-worthy for even those who are not interested in basketball. For a full-length look into my early days in hoops, get my book “Buy A Game” (free PDF — File –> Save/Save As… and it’s yours). 

My basketball ability features some God-given talent but not that much — I mean, I played Division 3 college basketball and wasn’t recruited out of high school (read below to learn about that) — my best talent is persistence. My game comes from hours of practicing, period.

Basketball is what I do most — whether it be playing, working out, training players, posting video, taking photos, writing about the game… you get the point. I diversify into other arenas and do a myriad of other things, and basketball is my passion. The competition and the long-time aspect of improving and beating my peers is what I love most about it; these aspects can also be found in other vocations, which is why I know I won’t be sitting on my hands when I’m done playing the game on a daily basis.

Since my first contract in September 2005, I have signed and played for 5 different teams worldwide, and been to the following countries at one time or another: Lithuania, Mexico, Germany, England, Croatia and Montenegro (former Yugoslavia). According to, 18,382 players in professional and semi-professional leagues outside the USA in 2008-09. 1,484 Americans played in 2008-09 season overseas. So we add in 400 for the guys in the NBA (throw in a couple hundred for college kids if you like also), factor in a world population of 6,781,521,494 (as of 5/22/09), that places in me in the top (less than) 1% in the known universe for my basketball ability. Neat, huh?

The following are stories about my experiences playing and the places I’ve been. The most important thing about these experiences and my recollection of the is that I am honest about what I speak on — if I wasn’t what would it be worth? — so know that while you peruse.

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  1. Jeff Marburs

    Dre, When I’m Playing On The Floor I Worry Too Much like i cannot even make the shots that is easy for me to make before i cannot focus on the game and i feel like the opponent is better than me and stronger than me though i work hard i feel like the opponent is still better than me though i practice in the court for so many hours.

  2. Dre, My cousin is 5’11 and and he has psychological problems like depression and overthinking, do you think he still gonna make it in basketball?

  3. Yo dre, im 14 years old and i’m having trouble with my shooting they say i shoot like just throwing the ball at the rim and i tried to change it but i miss on the sides, any tips?

  4. Trevon Jackson

    Hi Dre . I am 14 years old and I am in 8th grade and a lot of my friends tell me my jumpshot is weird but its comfortable to me I really want to make it look better because I don’t want to go to high school and embarrass myself do you have any drills to help me find a more comfortable and better looking jumpshot

  5. Wassup Dre my name is Donnie and I played one year of College ball I couldn’t return because of a financial jame I still play in leagues and do pretty well in most of them and work out pretty often but I feel like my career is at a dead end road I was wondering what do you think should be my next step as far as taking my career pro ?

  6. hey Dre i just wanted to ask you how i could get my name out to D1 schools like duke or kansas because i go to a small high school in vancouver canada

  7. Dre what vertical excersises like plyos and things like that did you do will u worked out

  8. I seen your eurobasket link for the pro camps, and then I read about you talking about avoiding camps that don’t put proper time into websites/returning emails etc.. I’m just curious, in all your experiences, whats the absolute BEST country to play pro (in your opinion) and the BEST website to find such quality camps? Thanks.

    • Just curious huh…

      I haven’t played in every country (I talked abut every place I’ve been on this website) so I couldn’t tell you which is best and every team/league is unique. So any player has a unique situation for themselves. Camps can be researched via Eurobasket or a simple Google search. I do not endorse any camp and final decision will be up to that player.
      And as I say on this site, pro bball is for adults — you are 100% on your own in both decisions and outcomes. Aside from what you read on my Guides & Tips page, I offer zero recommendations for what any player should do.

  9. Hey Dre, im 14 and I just wanna thank you for giving me a boost to go out everyday to practice and become a better me! I started giving up because I was to small and weak but who am I to quit, I wont go anywhere with that mentality. Im going to try to be the best I can be and surpass my goals. Ill miss 100% of the shots ill never take.
    Thanks, Brandon

  10. Have you played basketball for 10000 hours or more? That is, according to Malcolm Gladwell, the amt of time it takes to become an expert at something.

  11. Jonathan koroma

    nice work man

  12. Jamal McClerkin

    Dre, I am a current senior at Metro State University looking to play pro after this season and there is no plan B for me. Like you I am going to build my career coming from a Top D2 school. I had a question about going to camps in Europe and how to find them. I am going to attend the camp in Slovenia and I am really looking into attending the camp in Pula, Croatia that you talked about on your website. So my question is ” how do you find out where these camps are located in Europe ?, which ones are good ones to attend ? And how you know there good ones to attend ?

    • I was about to reply until I saw you left this same comment on three IG photos and on Facebook. What the fuck is wrong with you? Spamming is the wrong way to get help from me. And the answer to your question is already on this website. Read it.

  13. Dre, do you need any equipment for the jump manual?

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