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Here I do my best to paint pictures of my playing experiences. My #1 goal in starting this site and writing about this stuff is to make the stories enjoyable and share-worthy for even those who are not interested in basketball. For a full-length look into my early days in hoops, get my book “Buy A Game” (free PDF — File –> Save/Save As… and it’s yours). 

My basketball ability features some God-given talent but not that much — I mean, I played Division 3 college basketball and wasn’t recruited out of high school (read below to learn about that) — my best talent is persistence. My game comes from hours of practicing, period.

Basketball is what I do most — whether it be playing, working out, training players, posting video, taking photos, writing about the game… you get the point. I diversify into other arenas and do a myriad of other things, and basketball is my passion. The competition and the long-time aspect of improving and beating my peers is what I love most about it; these aspects can also be found in other vocations, which is why I know I won’t be sitting on my hands when I’m done playing the game on a daily basis.

Since my first contract in September 2005, I have signed and played for 5 different teams worldwide, and been to the following countries at one time or another: Lithuania, Mexico, Germany, England, Croatia and Montenegro (former Yugoslavia). According to, 18,382 players in professional and semi-professional leagues outside the USA in 2008-09. 1,484 Americans played in 2008-09 season overseas. So we add in 400 for the guys in the NBA (throw in a couple hundred for college kids if you like also), factor in a world population of 6,781,521,494 (as of 5/22/09), that places in me in the top (less than) 1% in the known universe for my basketball ability. Neat, huh?

The following are stories about my experiences playing and the places I’ve been. The most important thing about these experiences and my recollection of the is that I am honest about what I speak on — if I wasn’t what would it be worth? — so know that while you peruse.

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  1. Hey Dre, i have started playing basketball little under 2 years ago now and i am in a division 1 basketball team. i am 6’4 and currently a big man but moving up to an under 18’s team next season where i will be a guard, i have realised i am alot skinnier than the under 18’s who are ripped with muscle, but i live a very long way from a gym and i don’t have much transportation. i run every day, i shoot every day all to start becoming a guard but i have no access to weights. what can i do instead to get ready for the next season?

  2. hey dre i just wanted to know how can i fix my problem i do dribbling drills everyday and also two ball dribbling but no matter what i still dribble sloppy . like when i dribble or try to put between the legs and stuff it looks ugly how can i fix that ???

  3. Hey Dre,
    I hit my growth spurt my senior year of high school and i’m now 6’7 with much better athletisism. I have really developed a passion and love for the game and I want to play at my local college. Your videos have been helping me improve my game in so many ways but do you know if there is anything specific that the coaches and scouts will be looking for in a forward in a small college program?

  4. Thanks alot for this site Dre. I started basketball last year during a league and only scored two points, and ever since then I wanted to play more. your videos are inspiring and the stories on here are great. I just read about all of them and the Mexico one was great and I’m watching your vid on how to be confident. I do your daily dribbling workout, workout, and go to the gym and play. this season Im trying out for my school and I’m working hard to make it, thanks for all the great videos and tips!

  5. Dre just wondering, you play pro ball anymore?

  6. Hey Dre i have a question im 16 year old but i am not currently playing on any aau teams but i do have a trainer and i do practice everyday but do you think me not playing on any aau team is going to affect my game ?

    • It’s your game, and you have a trainer, so you and your trainer know much more about your game than me. If you are concerned about AAU then play AAU. If not then don’t.

  7. Hey Dre, does it matter what size basketball you practice with because im using a 28.5 ncaa ball, will that affect my shot when i player with bigger size basketball’s?

  8. hey dre can you tell me if i should dribble with my fingers or entire hand

  9. John Carlo

    Hey DRE!
    THANKS a lot to you! I’m practising my left/weak hand. I download ur video so that wherever i go, i can follow those drills.


  10. Hey Dre,im a streaky shooter and need to work on Crossover any ideas to help out? and I play pg people think I could do better at sg but I really like to make plays at Point I’m 5’5 So should I move to Sg Or Prove Everybody Wrong At Pg?

  11. Ryan Crowe

    Hey Dre, you’re the man and an absolute inspiration to me. I recently did’nt make the basketball team after a great offseason of working and training, I simply wasn’t good enough and that is totally in my court. I’ve continued to work and you have definantly inspired me, and pushed me to a level higher than I thought attainable. Your skills videos are great, but you have this special motivational way about you when you create “Life” videos. These videos make an untalented baller like me believe in himself, and outwork those around him. I’m 16 years old and a Junior in highschool, I started playing the game last year. Garbage. Terrible. Should just quit the game. I’ve never been athletic, or good at sports for the most part. People’s perception of me was quite negative to be honest, but I worked my ass off when no one was looking. When no one cared to look, I was in my driveway grinding it out, learning from you and other mentors such as my father. I ended up outworking and beating most of my friends that I played with, and against many’s opinions I tried out. I obviously failed, but due to your presence and my father’s. I am undeterred. I will continue to train every day, lifting, playing studying, learning, and working. I will continue to aspire to be a school team caliber player. With only senior year left I will try out for the varsity team for the second time, and hope to have one statement year. You are an inspiration, and thank you for your hard work and dedication to help out players like me. I will remain undeterred and driven to have an oppurtunity to play in this league until it is over, as I hope you will to. Never quit on the NBA, I will never quit on Varsity.

    Thank you.

  12. so i practice jumpshots and everything monday through friday and train in the house every weekend. yesterday i played 5 on 5 and my stamina killed me and my legs got tired early. Then just this morning, i played another 5 on 5 and i was running all the time and i was not tired after the game and played another. my question is, how do i get to this kind of body condition every time?

  13. Blake Porter

    Hey, I’ve been struggling with my jump shot during my games. I practice forever in gym and nail them left and right. For some reason though my focus isn’t on my shot when I shoot in my games, it’s on the person in front of me. Got any mental tips for me not to keep getting psyched out?

    • play in more games to increase your experience.

    • Blake, I have this same problem as well. I’ve been able to overcome it to some extent by practicing game situation shooting. Practice coming off a screen and pulling up to shoot. Catch the ball in triple threat position, shot fake then drive to the basket. Practice dre’s cross-over move to create space then shoot. Practice dribbling to your right/left then shooting off the dribble. Also, you need to be able to quickly bend your knees when shooting as if a defender is coming at you to block your shot. I see about 0 % of players practicing this type of shooting at the gym, Usually dudes just practice uncontested jump shots.

      Also consider a short jog, 2 miles maybe to warm your body up. Loosen the nerves.

  14. david dahan

    hey dre, sup?
    i just wanted to ask u about vertical…. i’m about 5’11 and i’m really wanna dunk it u know… i berly get the ring, sow now there is nothing to talk about dunking….
    sow what do u think? what is the best vertical drill? how much time it takes to see a REAL advance?

  15. Treyton Harris

    Dre, I’ve seen your game its sick but I need help on driving to the basket. I get scared because I’m afraid that I might get hurt and not play anymore. I want to get over that because I want to be the best on my team.

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