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  1. Gabe says:

    I’m a 5’4″ small forward and I average 25ppg 10rpg and 2apg. I’m a great ball handler and a good leader. How can I improve my game?

  2. CHAZ says:

    Dre i need help. I can shoot,score,and drive but the only problem is when i get in the game or even in practice when we scrimmage i forgot everything i no how to do and it causing be to see less of the court.

  3. David says:

    Hey wanted to know what you would do if you were injured with a broken bone and couldnt play at all? Do you think i should just study the game while resting?

  4. Roman says:

    Dear dre …
    Do you practice by your feelings/instincts or do you practice
    by your system or a program ?
    Do you ever write down what you did during practice
    so that you could later on measure your progress?
    Players these days cant succeed because they do
    not follow their own system that can measue their progress and show
    their improvement
    do you agree?

    • DreAllDay says:

      If you look, I give a pretty clear description of what i do throughout this site and my YouTube videos; look around and you will have a good idea. Sounds like a broad generalization — there are lots of very successful players out there today.

  5. Marquise says:

    HI Dre first I want to tell you thank you I have been improving but but i still need alot of help.I need to get better to make my basketball team any advice or tips. AND. Im 6’1 and 14 years old but I dont have a high vertical. I just want to know is the Jump Manual worth it.

  6. Martin Muhammad says:

    Dear Dre,
    I am 6’6, 240 pds. and age 43 still getting it in playing at rec centers and LA Fitness gym’s in the metropolitan Detroit area. In need of tips to get my motor really going. I do 45 mins. of cardio 5x per week on bike, stairmaster and treadmill. I do weights and get shots up at least every other day. Yet I still am unable to get up and down in pick-up games without lagging; in addition, to constantly fighting knee pain and overall body soarness after playing. Be great to get some suggestions, tips, insight, drills, whatever you are willing to share. Thank you in advance, good brother.

  7. mondre says:

    yo dre…….how many camps yhu went 2 b4 yhu started playing overseas ??

  8. Kia-Jana (a Male) says:

    Hey Dre,
    I only have two hours to go to the gym when I get home.Now I’m happy that I have them but i can’t get fully into my workout. So i was wondering if I could do my defense,footwork,agility and etc. in the morning after my weightlifting at ~6am.

  9. Lisa says:

    Hi Dre Im a female basketball player, lookin to improve for the college level,although i have not been recruited I plan to do a walk on tryout. any tips for me to become as good as you

  10. Chris says:

    Read it or not, hate it or love it but I’m reading all your shit anyway. Thanks if you do read my story.

    My name’s Chris. I’m a sophmore in highschool and I started on a young varsity team this year since there’s barely any real ballplayers in my school. I’m not the most talented in my school nor am I the most skilled but I’m definitely the most humble and quiet off the court and I sure as hell know I work the hardest. We haven’t won a single league game this season, that’s 0-9. I don’t know about my teammates, but I’m hungry as hell and tired of them bitching to me. I got injured on a 3 day overnight school trip and recently had to get knee surgery. I had to miss the last few games of the season and watched what was missing from the team that I brought but those last games I was planning to improve (not knowing I would get injured) my game the most out of the entire season. It felt terrible knowing that I had to miss days that I’d use to get better, yet I have found the heart to do what I can to help my game (workouts that don’t involve my knee). I highly doubt I will ever get recognized or scouted playing for a school with such a crappy basketball program but my parent’s financial situation aren’t going to provide me with any better. I have been watching a lot of of your videos for inspiration and motivation while I heal from the surgery and I’v learned that most of the people in my life don’t think they have to do a lot to become successful (cuz they’re all rich bastards) but I hope I can one day say that I went through a whole lotta shit to get where I wanted to be and that I didn’t have everything I wanted or needed when I grew up. Thanks so much for being able to relate to us people who aren’t youtube sensations or top headlines or even known outside of their schools or leagues. I don’t know where I’ll be in a few years but you are one of the most inspiring people in my life right now and have given me the knowledge and mentality I need to get where and what I want to be. Forever grateful for what you have shared wit us.

    • DreAllDay says:

      Chris, Thanks for sharing your story. Sorry about your injury. Hopefully what I put out here and on YouTube in the future inspires you further; I am grateful to hear I’ve been such an influence thus far. Good luck in your rehab, and if you’re good the right people will find you as long as you keep improving.

  11. joseph says:

    Hey dre i jus turned 17 and i wanna knw how can i gt better ball handling because its ok now but i wanna dribble like derrick rose and blow by my defender

  12. Hey Dre, I just turned 15 and I love playing basketball. I go to the gym everyday, even afterschool because I want to get better at basketball. It just seems like an adventure .I got okay ball handling but I am not sure if its any good. I want to get better on everything. I got a pretty good mid-range jumper but I want to get better and more complex on everything I do. Any advice?

  13. Hugo says:

    Hi Dre, first of all i love your videos, i believe ur helping a lot pf people just like its happening to me.
    I have a question about vertical jump training.
    When should i do some exercises to improve my vertical jump? After or before my practice?

  14. Plans says:

    What are your plans for this coming year? I know it’s none of my damn business, but I am just curious, because I am a big fan and you inspire me to do lots of things, even if you don’t make it to the NBA, you will be my favorite basketball player, aside from Michael Jordan lol.

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