“Your best work is your expression of yourself. You may not be the greatest at it, but when you do it, you’re the only expert in it.” – Frank Gehry

This statement isn’t just for some basketball player looking to improve his game. Work On Your Game is for you — yes, YOU.

We all have a game for whatever we do. Every day, you’re either building or destroying. Your competition faces the same challenge. Work On Your Game [WOYG] is the first step to defeating every challenge you face. More game = less problems. 


If you’re a serious athlete or you know one, you know what an athlete does.

A serious athlete goes to the court or field or pool every day and practices. Works on his game, as Dre Baldwin would say.


So he can play at his best in the REAL games! Right?


Dre baldwin about page pic 1

What if he never gets a chance in the games?

What if he isn’t quite good enough for the games?

What if there are no games in his area? What then?

Usually, this athlete becomes a former athlete and goes into finance, starts a business, or unpacks trucks for UPS. No games = no athletic life.


What if, after you didn’t have the opportunity (for whatever reason), and couldn’t quite cut it for/in the games, could make a business out of just practicing?

What if you could make yourself more famous for simply working on your game, than some of the people playing in those  games?

Most athletes never make the professional level of their sports. But what if you didn’t have to make the pros to get known for your game? What if you could be an inspiration to millions of future pro and non-pro athletes? What if just working on your game was a thing?

It is a thing. I made the pros. In the process, I created a platform for all those who won’t.


I am Dre Baldwin. Many know me through basketball — 9-year overseas professional player, sometimes-trainer, YouTube video uber-publisher.

Sometimes I’m asked, “Dre, what exactly is it that you do?” It’s hard to explain, but I can tell you who the people who seek me out are.

  • You’re an entrepreneur who knows you need to have your mental game in order before requiring the same of your staff. Some discipline and personal accountability would take you far. You have the skills, but lack the confidence to run the show as well as it could be run. You know your business will never grow any further than YOU grow as the leader.
  • You are ready to jump out and do your own thing, building your own business. You want customers and clients to buy your stuff yesterday. You haven’t jumped into the online/content space yet. You know you have value to offer – people just don’t know you exist!
  • You’re an athlete needing to improve your performance both physically and mentally. Maybe you’re in college and you want to break into the pros – but you have no idea how.

I help you develop the Mental Toughness to lead and get yourself known. My clients develop Personal Initiative, Confidence, and Discipline.

I’m from Philadelphia, PA – Mt. Airy, to be exact – now I live in Miami. I used to sell water ice (you don’t know what that is?!?! I’m sorry for you. It’s not gelato and it’s not “like” anything else you know of).

How I spend my time? I’m an athlete and always will be, so some form of strenuous physical activity will always be part of my life. Otherwise I’m reading, creating content, working with clients, and spending time with the important people in my life.

I wasn’t born this way.

I came from being a pushed-around, laughed-at, nerdy, Steve Urkel-like elementary school student to averaging 2ppg on the varsity basketball team as a high school senior (read about that in “Buy A Game” [FREE] to kicked out of my college’s basketball program as a junior and playing intramurals as a college senior (won the championship!)… to a professional basketball player.

Along the way I have seen, done and learned a lot. I share it all through my writing, videos, speaking, coaching, and podcasting.

I’ve gathered myself and come back on many occasions when it would have been perfectly reasonable to quit (and I know many more-talented-than-me people who did just that). All this being said, this site is not all underdog guts-and-glory — I hate that type of talk, for one. Listening to it is even worse than writing it.

I have a high sense of self-importance, and offer no apologies offered for it. In fact, I’ll teach YOU to be the same way (if you’re ready). I wouldn’t be here — and neither would you — if I weren’t that way. On this site, I am sharing 100% of me with you, and that’s a damn good reason for you to care.

Why You Should Know Dre Baldwin

  1. Because my name and presence is a brand — just the way I always planned it (though I could not have always verbalized it). None of what I’ve done is personally overwhelming or dumb luck. I wanted all of it and I still want more, which is why I get out of bed in the morning.
  2. You probably know someone who could benefit from hearing/reading what I have to share. So share it!
  3. You or someone you know could benefit from doing business, collaborating or sharing ideas with me.

My intention is to help you learn how to, and be inspired to, help yourself. The physical resources you have or don’t have is not the determining factor in how far you can go. The determining factor is how far you want to go.

When I was a senior in college I wrote out a 10-year plan of things I wanted to accomplish. At the time, I only had a hand-me-down desktop computer that was so slow I could type ESPN.com into the URL bar and take a nap before the site loaded. That 10-year mark has passed. I’ve made some happen, and I’m working on the rest (with new lists). One of my stated goals in that ten-year plan was to have my own website that was by and about me. I didn’t even care of no one read it, as long as it existed. Check.

Being a guest on the Oprah show? Not yet.

Dre baldwin DreAllDay.com about page

I like to say, what you do, proves what you believe. The 3 things I believe I’m here for:

  1. Provide for aspiring athletes, hustlers and ambitious people what I didn’t always have: Some direction and guidance as to how you can work on your game.
  2. Help you understand you don’t need many outside resources to become great at any game. You only need 1) To know what work is required of you, 2) Cultivate the desire & commitment to doing the work (on your game).
  3. To inspire and be inspired. Motivation is what makes you go do something; inspiration reminds you of what’s already inside of you – then you go do something.
    When I was 17, I wrote down a list of things that inspired me: a Vince Carter dunk; a Micheal Jordan 50-point game,  DMX rap lyric.
    I envision, one day, there will be legions of successful, accomplished people, who say,

[shareable text=”Dre Baldwin, inspired me, moved me, to go do sumthin’. “]When I was coming up, this dude named DreAllDay, Dre Baldwin, inspired me, moved me, to go do sumthin’. And I did something, and I appreciate that man. [/shareable]

That’s why I do this.

It is God’s plan — my destiny — to be doing what I’m doing right now — basketball, books, YouTube, speaking, this website and everything else. How do I know? Because I’m here, doing it.  Otherwise, this would be someone else’s website, or maybe still a void out there.



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  • Jaiknee Voo

    Dear Dre,

    I came upon your YouTube videos a few months ago while searching for basketball drills for my son to use. I don’t play basketball but figured, if my son wants to improve, he must practice. I started watching your videos and talks, learning that basketball takes strategy, that every aspect in basketball takes strategy such as dribbling, passing, shooting, etc. In order to improve in basketball, one must improve each individual basketball skill. I learned this same concept applies to life. I no longer watch your basketball drill videos; but I watch and listen to all your other videos and now your podcasts. A search for basketball drills for a 12 year old soon became a life epiphany for me. Thank you for showing me that life isn’t hard. We all have goals, visions, large or small. If we want to go from point A to point B, all the way to Z, we just have to do it. It’s simple, the answer is strategy. We can accomplish anything we want, we just have to make the effort, and put strategy to it. I can go on and on about what I’ve learned from you, but I won’t. What I will do is put what I’ve learned to use, and take action.

    Thank you.


    • Dre Baldwin

      Hi Jenny, you’re welcome and thank YOU for your kind words. I’m glad you found me (and hope you found some useful material for your son).
      Im glad you’re taking the message of personal initiative to heart in your own life. Feel free to keep me updated on your success!

  • Henry Nielsen

    Dre you are the best. I am now going to begin on my new journey. You have helped me find my calling and I will continue listening to you daily so that I never forget “Work on Your (Mental) Game”.

    • Dre Baldwin

      Happy to hear it Henry! I have lots for you to choose from, stay tuned!

  • adil

    can you give me your number so i can call you i want to do private training im 5,6 in 11 the grade
    i work hard every day i hardly get picked up in basketball games and im always the worst one i want
    become better im not a person who gives up. i kill my self on defense and im not that good offensive player
    my time is running out i want play at the highest level and be able to perform at the highest level from elementary to now im still not the player i want to be my body is not that strong i want body to be like michael jordan in his prime im not gonna give till i reach my goals please help me i crossover anyone that gaurds me
    i want to prove to people that i can play basketball

    • I train players in south Florida where I live. Otherwise you can call me here: https://clarity.fm/dreallday
      Or get a virtual training package here: http://cf8.dreallday.com/packages/

      • adil

        i live in miami fl in country walk probably 35 min from downtown i just want to get better and be known for my skills when i walk in college or anywhere im serious basketball player i dont care if im gaurding someone ten times bigger then me i will take all contact and get back up
        do i have to pay to call?

  • hadi

    hey dre , love what you are doing and i thank you for all the help you have provided for me and other bball players out there
    quick question man, i see a player like Isiah Thomas who is my height, yeh he has some few pounds on me and a few inches on his vert, but the way he is able to absorb contacts from the bigs and still make the play blows my mind, i watch him almost ever game and then watch his offensive highlights, he actually gets bigger players off of him with a shoulder nudge , at his size thats amazing
    i’ve been trying to do that , look for contact instead of getting away from it, any tips on how to make that happen man? does the fact that he has such a large lower body glutes and thighs that he has that balance ?