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What would you do differently with an extra-heavy dose of Confidence? How could more Discipline help you do all the stuff you think about but never start? Could you use more Mental Toughness for dealing with negative people, life’s setbacks and your own self-defeating thoughts? We know the answers to these questions. That’s why the Work On Your Game Podcast exists. What exactly is the Bulletproof Mindset? It’s the Discipline, Confidence & Mental Toughness Dre Baldwin had to develop to carve out a 9-year Professional Basketball career and pioneer new genres of athlete personal branding online. With the Work On Your Game Podcast, Dre teaches the principles he’s used in his own life and more on all this and more. Drawing on his professional career, 13+ years building his brand [6,000 YouTube videos and 42 Million views; 22 books; 4 TED Talks; coaching & consulting businesses] and the millions of comments, emails, and DMs he’s received over the years, Dre gives you exactly what you need to be who you need to be to do what you need to do — and nothing which you don’t need.

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