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The Work On Your Game Keynote Speaker

Work On Your Game 

with DreAllDay

  • 9-Year International Pro Basketball Player

  • 5,500+ Daily YouTube Videos • 40 Million Views

  • Author Of 13 Books, Including The Mental Handbook

  • Athletes Posting Their Training & Workouts Online? Dre Created That

  • 3-Time TED Speaker

As a former professional athlete, I understand the value an audience gets from a performer who makes everyone happy she showed up. I can clearly see, the same applies to the speaking business.
The success of an event always comes down to the quality of the people on stage. A great speaker makes the entire event great. A speaker who is anything less than outstanding makes an event hard to sit through.
You invest valuable time researching to find the perfect speaker who’s the right fit. This page will make your job easier.
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Work On Your Game: Applying The Pro Athlete Mindset To Business

Jordan, Manning, Gretzky… Any sports fan can rattle off the names of the greats just as quickly as he can spell ESPN. The talents and highlights get you known. But it’s the Discipline and Mental Toughness that make the difference between the Championship MVP and the talented player who never moves past “potential.”
Business is the same game. To compete and stay on top, you need the same grit and mindset that great athletes use to stay on top of their games.
In this engaging and motivational keynote, you will uncover locker room and training secrets from professional athlete Dre Baldwin.

Your team will learn:

  • 3 tips for conditioning your mind for to win
  • How to intentionally recharge your mind
  • 7 strategies to keep your focus

The Vending Machine of Success | Activate Yourself On-Call | Lead Your Team Boldly | Persist With Vigor

Target Audience

Every person who wants to adopt the mindset of their favorite performer and bring it to their daily work.
The mindset affects not only you, but everyone you come in contact with.

Why Dre?

  • I wrote The Mental Handbook which covers the Bulletproof Mindset necessary to deal with the challenges of life both internal and external. The Mirror of Motivation is a self-motivation guidebook. And The Super You is about unlocking one’s highest level of confidence.
  • Less than 3% of high school basketball players play in college. And less than 1% of college players play professionally. I did both while only starting with basketball at age 14 and playing at the 3rd level of the NCAA.
  • I have coached and consulted with hundreds of athletes, entrepreneurs and professionals on their mental game since 2005 – not to mention the millions I have virtually mentored through my online content.
  • My Work On Your Game podcast publishes daily and delivers on the same mental game topics, and has over 20,000 downloads per month.

Confidence: Release The Emergency Brake & Unlock Super You

Imagine what you could do with a healthy dose of confidence! Many people lose the game because they lack the confidence to win.
In professional sports, everyone has ability. The difference between the All-Star and the bench player is more mental than physical.
In this eye-opening and highly inspirational talk, Dre Baldwin will share the mindset secrets high level athletes use to play their best. Dre will show you how to release the brakes on your self-esteem and reap the rewards that comes with confidence.

Your team will learn:

  • 3 reasons to ignore what others say or think about you
  • How to display your confidence without saying a word
  • 3 Keys to being in the Top 5% no matter what
  • Breaking the Fear Addiction that holds you back
  • 3 Keys to freeing mental space for what’s important
  • How to Listen to the most important voice

Destroy Self-Consciousness | Be Who You Want To Be | Live With Zero Regrets

Target Audience

Anyone who feels or who has ever felt that a boost in self-esteem would move them to more action, achievement and improve their leadership ability. You already know you have the ability. This presentation clears everything else out of your way.

Why Dre?

  • My TEDxCoconutGrove Talk, Dear Dre: How To Be Confident When You’re Not is all about pushing your confidence to new heights.
  • My book The Super You is a how-to guide for confidence that changes the way the reader looks at herself.
  • Athletes who don’t believe in their own abilities don’t last long in the pros, or on the playgrounds of Philadelphia. I not only survived but thrived in both settings.
  • Many athletes hire me not for my technical skill in their sport, but for my mental game coaching. I put athletes in their “Zone” for high-level performing. And they stay there.
  • My own story, of personal issues with confidence as a youth, are what make my presentation not only powerful but relatable. And it connects deeply with my audiences.

Discipline: Conquer The 3rd Day

The newness wears off eventually. It’s not as exciting as it was. Staying mentally “On” is a challenge. How do you keep the momentum to finish strong?
It all comes down to that dirty word: Discipline. In this insightful and action-oriented keynote, Dre Baldwin shares what it is that really moves us to action. Also, he demonstrates how to find your action triggers.
Dre draws from his 9-year professional basketball career with insights your team will wish they knew before.

Your team will learn:

  • Make yourself feel like it
  • Separation Days: the importance of showing up
  • Outlast the competition with persistence (even when your mind is the competition!)
  • Miss your first 10 shots, make the game winner
  • Develop the Empty Gym Mentality for giving your best when the rewards aren’t yet clear

Do What Needs Doing | Lead By Example | Become A Self-Starter

Target Audience

Leaders who are depended on to deliver at a high level consistently. Also those who are not yet leading but plan on becoming that leader need to learn now!

Why Dre?

  • I have published new daily content to YouTube since 2005, amassing over 5,000 total videos whose views surpass 35 million.
  • My book The Mirror Of Motivation is a manifesto on self-discipline: what it is, how to get it and make it work for you.
  • My entire brand is Discipline: I blog daily, have a daily podcast, and communicate with my fans daily.
  • Discipline is a dirty word to many people, until they meet someone like me who built his entire career, brand and business on discipline.
  • My TED Talk Showing Up when the Newness Wears Off: The 3rd Day is about conquering The 3rd Day as a habit.

Speaking Videos

Dear Dre…How to Be Confident When You’re Not

You’ve heard of the saying “Fake It ‘Til You Make It?” Dre tells us why there is no such thing and how to harness the best version of ourselves in his top-rated TED talk.

The 3rd Day: Showing Up When The Newness Wears Off

Dre shares the key self-discipline principle in this TEDxWBH Talk that will get you through the days when the newness is no longer enough to motivate you.

Too Much Confidence Is NOT Your Problem

“Confidence is great, yes, but you don’t want to have too much. Keep it under control. Don’t take things too far…” Says the loser.
At TEDxUNLV, Dre tells you how to blow the lid off of your confidence once and for all.

Applying The Pro Athlete Mindset To Business @ MDMC

Dre shares 5 mindset principles of the professional athlete with entrepreneurs, C-level executives and marketing managers.

“Work On Your Game” @ Toastmasters Leadership Institute [TLI]

Dre delivers a Keynote speech on how he developed his own Mental Toughness, Confidence and Discipline his way t becoming a professional basketball player.