How To Create Endless Opportunity In Your Life

Opportunity (n): A set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something. 

Everyone wants it. Some people feel they’ve been wrongly held back from opportunity. Many don’t recognize it when they do have it.

How To Create Endless Opportunity In Your Life Dre baldwin

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Regardless, I am here to share with you the 3 key attributes you need to create opportunity as much as you want, for as long as you want. What you choose to do with this created opportunity is your choice.

  1. Develop the ability to sell. Selling is simple. You present something, such as a product or service or even an idea. You share its virtues – why this is something you need or want. Finally, you ask for the exchange. I’ll sell you this for $50. Work for me and you make $15/hour.I know you’ve heard that everything is sales. It’s true. You have needs and wants for your life. There are things you want and need right now in your life. In order to get these things, you will have to persuade, influence, cajole, convince or convert people to see things your way.

    If you want to get your way in life – and we all do – you have to make sales.

    The idea of making sales isn’t limited to “salespeople.” Teachers, ministers, parents, mechanics and customer service agents all need to sell. We all need to get people to see things our way to achieve success. Success for you may be different from what success is for me. Regardless, we both have a certain ideal that we want. To achieve this ideal, we must sell!

    The response of people ultimately determines whether you make a sale or not. My People Skills Course will start you on the path to learning how to deal with different people, the right way.

  2. Know how to provide value to other people. I define value as giving more than you’re getting. How do you do this? Identify what other people need – and that you have – and start giving it to them. This can be your knowledge – teachers and online courses are a good example. You can give value in the form of time: would your grandmother appreciate a phone call? Motivational speakers give value in the form of inspiration and energy.In business, does this mean you work for free? At first, maybe. But once you’ve established a reputation, you charge money for your value. But the equation doesn’t change. When money is being exchanged, the value you provide must always exceed what you’re being paid.

    Someone may pay attention to you for 10 minutes. If you can change the next 6 months of that person’s life with what you share, you’ve delivered value.

    And since the universe must always be in balance, the law of Karma then goes to work for you.

    All you have to do is make sure you give more value than you receive in every transaction you make. You purchase goodwill with other people. You get Karma working for you. And opportunity will chase you down.

  3. Keep your energy up. Energy is everything. You can’t capitalize on opportunity if you’re too tired to do so. If you’re too fatigued to notice, you won’t see opportunity. You cannot create opportunity if you don’t have the energy to make things happen.
    A high-energy person with low skill can eventually locate success. A low-energy person with a ton of skill will lead a disappointing life.

    So, how do you keep your energy up?

    Eat good, energy-giving foods (use your best judgement – you know what’s not good). Get enough rest. Exercise. Be thankful for what you have. Appreciate yourself. Actively develop reasons to get excited about life.

Develop these attributes and you will have so much opportunity, you won’t know what to do with it all. You can probably give value to others by sharing it.

#115: Didn’t You Talk About That ALREADY? [WOYG Podcast]

Someone commented to me on YouTube that I had talked about a similar topic more than once. And this commentator was correct. He was stating this as a complaint though, when he should have been happy: thick-skilled humans need to hear things more than once to really get it.

And to actually do something with what we get? That may take 10 times. Have you ever had to tell someone something 10 times before they took action? Well, then.

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Arrogance is Your New Friend

Arrogance (adj): Having or revealing an exaggerated sense of one’s own importance or abilities

‘Don’t think too highly of yourself.’ ‘Be confident, but not too confident. ‘

This is advice you’ve probably been given before. You’ve probably given it out plenty of times, too. I’m here to inform you: This is terrible, personally destructive advice.

arrogance is your friend Dre baldwin TLI Miami Keynote JJS_2091

People ask me about getting better. Better at business, better at basketball. Better at dealing with people. If you’re one of those people, you need to understand how improvement actually works.

For the most part, our brains control what we do. The limits to what we can do are just thoughts that we’ve repeated enough to believe them. We also know that the brain doesn’t know the difference between reality and imagination. Meaning, anything we tell ourselves enough (the right way), we will believe and eventually act on.

So, get internally arrogant. Start believing that you are on a higher level than your life-to-date results suggest. Tell yourself this enough, and you will act on it. You will carry yourself as a higher-level You. You will be perceived as the person you’re presenting to others. And we conform to the expectations of the people around us and their perceptions of what we can and can’t do. All of this will be the topic of my most recent TED Talk (video coming soon).

Humility (n): a modest or low view of one’s own importance

Humility is the act of not thinking too highly of oneself. Enough humility repeatedly suggested, your brain will keep you right where you are. Do you now see where you may be stopping yourself?

Make a new friend of arrogance. Think too highly of yourself. Believe that you can do something you’ve never proven able to do. Walk in the room as if you own it. People will not approve – some silently, some out loud – but that’s only because they’re seeing something they don’t have the balls to be. And the Law of Association states that you won’t deal with these peasants anyway. So to hell with their opinions.

You’re not quite sure just yet if I’m right. Try it and see. Give it 30 days and let me know.

#114: How To Be Ready When It’s Your Turn [WOYG Podcast]

You might not get to step up and show your game when you’re ready to. You might have to wait your turn. You may find this to be unfair, but you won’t be the first nor the last to have it happen to you. In this episode, Dre Baldwin explains how you can stay ready, so when your time does come, you don’t have to get ready.

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The Bell Around The Cat’s Neck

There was a group of mice who had a big problem: the house cat. Anytime a mouse went out into the house to find food, its life was on the line. The mice decided they couldn’t live this way much longer. The mice called a meeting to figure out what to do next about the cat.

A bright idea was shared with the group: We should put a bell around the cat’s neck!

bell around the cat's neck

This way, every time the cat is near, the bell will alert us to his presence. Then we can escape and live to see another day. 

What a great idea! The mice all celebrated and rejoiced to the fact that the problem of the cat had finally been resolved.

Then, the oldest, wisest mouse spoke up.

This is a great idea, of putting a bell around the cat’s neck. But, who is going to actually put the bell around the cat’s neck? 

The meeting turned silent.

Many times, someone tells me about some great way I could reach more people or get more followers or make more money. Some of their ideas sound promising. For the ones that do, I always ask the same question: What can you do to make this idea actually happen?

I’ve yet to get a useful response.

You don’t need to protect your ideas. They’re free, easy to come by and are worth less and less the longer they exist as just ideas.  The only real value of an idea is in its execution.


#113: Abundance Thinking [WOYG Podcast]

How many times have you wanted something, then decided you couldn’t have it because you didn’t have the money? What about feeling jealous because someone else got an opportunity that you would’ve been perfect for?

If you’ve ever made these mistake of scarcity thinking – that there’s not enough, that things will run out – this show is for you. Dre explains why and how abundance thinking will change the way you see the world.

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