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Let me tell you a quick story about a concept that recently dawned on me… and [...]

Everyone’s great at something but many doesn’t know how to focus on what they are great [...]

Whatever you do for a living, you’ll probably need the framework that I’m about to share [...]

This has happened probably fifty times since I’ve had a name online.  Someone disagrees with what [...]

Dre on how to get up to game speed — and what that means — for [...]

Make sure you don’t skip this episode if you want to learn how to score more. [...]

There are mistakes that can be prevented if we take the initiative. Just make sure you [...]

Victims look out the window.  There must be someone, somewhere, who’s responsible for where the victim [...]

Today you’re going to learn about an anonymous letter written by a history professor from a [...]

Dre explains what “game speed” is in basketball — and why it’s not what most players [...]

Let me tell you a quick story about experiences I had as a college then a [...]

It’s much easier for us to work on our problems from someone else’s point of view. [...]

Someone retweeted a short video from TV show host Jimmy Kimmel in Spring 2020. Apparently, Jimmy [...]

What type of playing skills and styles will work best in Overseas Basketball? Dre Baldwin: The [...]

Whether someone is trolling you or have a strong negative opinion against you, how do you [...]

In this masterclass, I’m going to teach how to deal with bullies so you won’t get [...]

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