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Here it is (For Men): The next time you see a female you’re interested in, immediately [...]

You can’t be worse than your talk because people will always compare your delivery to what [...]

$1.78.  That’s what the book publisher pays me for every copy sold of Work On Your [...]

People think moving on only involves the situations that you didn’t want or didn’t plan on. [...]

A new coach had taken over my college basketball program.  This was good in one way; [...]

Eustress is that other type of stress that you would be happy to be engaged with. [...]

#1347: The 3 Biggest Reasons You Fail At Consistency #1346: Your Current Opportunity Is Your BEST [...]

If you struggle with consistency then make sure you listen to this episode. In this lesson, [...]

I grew up in a neighborhood that had only one indoor basketball court. It was at [...]

Here’s the truth, you already have everything that you need. It just gets buried as we [...]

I was on a walk when I saw an Uber driver pull to the curb in [...]

Here’s the truth, you already have everything that you need. It just gets buried as we [...]

Sometimes things don’t go right.  A person gets a position, title or recognition that you (and [...]

The only way to gain returns in life is by delivering value to someone. Today’s topic [...]

This article is not about racism. But it could be.  I’m using racism because it’s something [...]

You gotta figure out what the problems are in order to solve it. In a tryout, [...]

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