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There I was, an athlete who wanted to be a full-fledged business owner trying to figure [...]

When we’re aiming high, nobody’s stuff is always working.  If your plans are ambitious, you’ll go [...]

The Success Of Your Career, Business or Job is not your Personal worth. They’re not the [...]

If you want ANY of the following…  1) Live hands-on training from Dre Baldwin which lets [...]

People don’t criticize a “nobody”. They pick on the ones who’re in the spotlight. In this [...]

I used to wonder if I’d have to go through some crazy shit to have a [...]

I went to a conference where one of the speakers shared an inspirational speech, basically telling [...]

Change is happening very quickly whether we want it or not. In this class, you’ll learn [...]

Growing up, there was a group of eight of us young men who hung out all [...]

How do I get started?  Where do I begin?  Here’s a simple process. Follow this strategy [...]

If everything you do is just to help yourself then you’re not making an impact. In [...]

I’m not the first —  Former athlete to go into the content-publishing space…  Black man with [...]

Having a target is a good thing.  A target gives you something to live for. A [...]

It is not against the law when somebody has offended you. You can’t police opinions. In [...]

[Or, How 3 Media Appearances Made Me $60,000 (And Counting) With $0 Ad Spend…] One hour [...]

When someone dies — a famous person, someone close to us, or even someone we don’t [...]

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