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Be very careful with your excuses. This is not about what you tell others, but the [...]

Would you be interested in standing out through your actual skills? In this masterclass, we’re going [...]

Justin Rohrwasser, a college kicker who got drafted by the New England Patriots, found himself the [...]

How any kind of criminal record/situation will affect your chances in professional basketball. Dre Baldwin: The [...]

We all at some level want to be recognized and seen, heard and known for whatever [...]

When people use titles to impress, it’s usually because they don’t have any substance in them. [...]

I’d posted a video about Overseas Basketball on YouTube. One point I made in the video [...]

Skills are all you need to succeed Overseas, right? WRONG. Let Dre explain… Dre Baldwin: The [...]

Creating multiple streams of income is a valuable skill. You can do this in any area [...]

Every single day in this life, you are taking the risk in some way shape, or [...]

The basketball coach who recruited me to play for his D3 college team for my sophomore [...]

Are there scams in the Overseas Basketball game? YES — Dre explains what to watch for. [...]

Today’s masterclass is for the people who are building audiences but have wandering eyes. If you want to [...]

You need to consider a few things before offering advice. Sometimes, no matter how eager you [...]

In this masterclass Dre will show you how to grab the attention you deserve and need [...]

I fired a staff member yesterday.  I’d been thinking about it for 2-3 weeks. Which meant [...]

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