1% Of Doubt You’re Out: You Cannot Afford It

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I once heard Charles Barkley talk abut the mentality he had when it came to dunking on people during his NBA career. It’s about having supreme commence in yourself, that no one can stop you or get in your way.

100% belief.

I’ve talked about, and you may know about, the idea that the difference between “really good” and “Superstar” is super-small — about 1% of effort, energy, belief. The 1% is the difference between a starting NBA point guard (really damn good at basketball) and Stephen Curry (the MVP of the NBA). The difference between winning the Kentucky Derby ($1.24 Million) and coming in second ($400k) by a nose. The difference between you feeling you’ve given your all and gotten no returns, and you having all the rewards that come with that last “umphh” of effort.

1% of doubt, you’re out.