10 Content Ideas To Start Writing With: Use These

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10 Content Ideas To Start Writing With - Dre BaldwinDon’t know what to write about? These will help:

1. Why I got into this and why I’m still in it. Introduce yourself by sharing what brought you to where you are and what keeps you there.2. My favorite thing about what I do. What’s that motivating factor or desire that gets you out of bed in the morning?

3. The biggest misconception about what I do. There is some assumption that everyone who’s on the outside looking in has. Clear that up with this post.

4. My favorite person who does what I do, and why they’re my favorite. You’re good at what you do. One thing that people want to hear from the good people is: Who do you like? Why do you like them? What did you learn from them?

5. My toughest challenge since I’ve been doing this. This humanizes you: You’re showing that you’re not perfect, and that you have faced setbacks and challenges as well. It’s probably something that one of your readers is going through, too.

6. The process I went through to become good at what I do. How did you develop your skill? Were you just born with talent that required no effort? Let people know that there’s work involved, and share some insight on yours.

7. Everyone wants to be able to do this. This is how it’s done. Pull back the curtain on a tough task or milestone accomplishment in your field, explaining in detail how to accomplish it. Most people want to take a shortcut to success, whet their appetite with this post.

8. What makes me unique among all the others who also do this? You’re positioning yourself as an expert, but what makes you any different from all the rest of them with the same title? Here is where you can explain that. Make sure it’s clear.

9. Here’s when I knew I was good. Share the story of when you knew you had reached a high level and knew you could compete and win against anyone else doing what you’re doing. And if you’re not there yet, say that!

10. One thing I would’ve done differently. Share a story of a situation when you made a mistake that you would change if you had a chance. This could very well be a mistake that someone in your audience is in the process of making.

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