#1011: Traits Of The BEST Possible Teammates You Can Have [WOYG Podcast]

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Your favorite teammates and coworkers have some common traits that you probably want to see in yourself, too. Today we’ll discuss what those traits are and what makes them valuable.

2:07 Today’s Topic: Traits Of The BEST Teammates You Can Have

3:55 Point I: The player who encourage other people to step up in a positive way.

6:37 Point II: The players who are willing and able and they do often encourage you negatively.

10:55 Point III: Reliable. The person who you know exactly what you’re getting from them, every time.

12:57 You don’t have to be the most talented person for reliability to be one of your key positive traits.

16:59 Point IV: People who are open-minded to hearing or trying new things.

25:53 Point V: A positive demeanor.

28:39 Point VI: The person who knows their role and accepts that role.

34:45 Recap

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