#1033: The Challenge Of “Bringing It” Every Day [WOYG Podcast]

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On the heels of yesterday’s episode, let’s dive into why it’s so hard for anyone to bring their best possible effort every single time. Hint: the main reason is NOT what you think it is.

3:03 Today’s Topic: The Challenge Of Bringing It Every Day

6:12 Point I: It is not a physical thing.

7:41 It is about what you’re willing to demand of yourself and how much you respect that demand.

8:31 Point II: It’s about the standard that you will set for yourself.

14:05 What kind of commitment and standard are you willing to set for yourself.

17:14 Point III: This is far from easy. It’s motivating to talk about, it’s exciting to think about, it’s easy to read about but doing this is definitely gonna be the hardest part of your job if you decide to take on it.

20:41 When you push yourself to bring it every single day, even your bad days are at a higher level than the people who don’t.

21:49 Recap

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