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In sports, scouting reports are usually made by opponents or impartial third parties as overall assessments of what you can do. Your positive traits. Areas for improvement (or in the case of an opponent, your weaknesses). They want as clear a picture as possible about what you can and cannot do, untainted by emotion or bias.

2:58 Today’s Topic: Self-Scouting Report

4:50 Point I: STRENGTH – What are your strengths? What are you good at?

9:21 Point II: WEAKNESSES – Self-awareness

11:48 Where could you stand to get a lot better? Where could you improve as a person?

15:59 Point III: OPPORTUNITIES – Who do you know that can help you get further?

22:09 You need to have a hierarchy of opportunities, so you know what’s next on your list.

22:16 Point IV: TREATS – Where are your weaknesses? Where, when, how are your weaknesses causing you on a daily basis?

29:07 Recap

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