#1051: Does Your Drive Match Your Goals? [WOYG Podcast]

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Goals. You wouldn’t be listening to a show called Work On Your Game if you didn’t have them. Looking at those goals, though, look at your effort. Look at your calendar. Look at where you’re spending your time. Do these match your goals? Today you’ll find out.

3:05 Today’s Topic: Does Your Drive Match Your Goals

4:51 Point I: If you had your future spot today, are you prepared to do the job?

10:07 When you prepare yourself as if you already have it, you are moving much closer to having it and move it much closer to being where you are.

11:28 Point II: If I didn’t know you and there was a secret cam watching you for the last 7 days that you were at work – could I guess that you’re a person who is going somewhere or you’re just someone who is cool with where they are with the status quo? Are you poised to make a come up?

14:15 You deliver at your best regardless of what’s going on outside of you.

19:06 Point III: Decision-making – Time perspective: How are you making your decisions?

24:02 Are your decisions driven by satisfying immediate desires or are they driven by considering your long term achievements?

26:19 Point IV: What are you doing that no one else is doing?

27:13 Zero-sum game

36:47 Point V: Look at your goals then look at your schedule from your last 7 days. Do they match?

37:43 Recap

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