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We talked about road games a couple days ago. Today I’ll explain the space in which most people do or plan to spend their lives: home games. There’s nothing wrong with a home game, it’s just that most of our situations won’t happen at home. What will you do then?

[Transcript] #1070: Everyone Is Confident When Everything Is Working

You’re now tuned into the show where you learn the discipline to show up. Day after day to do the work. The confidence to put yourself out there boldly and authentically. And a mental toughness to continue showing up doing the work putting yourself out there even when the success is expected to achieve is yet to be achieved. On top of all of this you won’t become a go getter with the personal initiative to make things happen instead of waiting for things to happen. We put all this together and what comes out is the mindset the method the podcast known as work on your game. My name is Dre Baldwin also known as Dre All Day welcome to the show. Today’s topic is everyone’s confident when everything’s working and this topic goes hand in hand what we’ve talked about over the last couple of days which is playing those road games in life and you don’t have to be an athlete to have road games in life. You may be in the midst of a road game right now where the situation is just not set up for you to win and it seems like everything has come together to work against you. And you got to figure that out. And again you don’t have to be an athlete to be on a road game. Today’s episode is about how you show up when shit is looking bad because the topic hiding in is everyone’s confident when everything is working. Now also with yesterday’s episode we talked about the power of the human will when things are not working in your favor when maybe all the confidence at least in the moments.

Now let’s not even say confidence the positive momentum was put it that way. In a moment seems to be working for the opposition where the opposition is a person. If it’s a team it was a just a situation if it’s just a thought that exists in your head when all the positive momentum is going in direction of the opposition how confident can you be or how mentally tough can you be how much do you continue to engage your will. Even though everything seems to be working against you you’re trying you were trying before you start engaging your will but it wasn’t working. Can you continue to engage your will. Do you still have the trust in yourself and your organization in each other if as a group of people that you’ll still be able to figure this out even though it’s going in the opposite direction the exact opposite direction from where you wanted to go so getting right into it. Point number one today’s topic again everyone’s confident when everything’s working when things do start going left. Those of you who worked in any kind of group whether it’s a business a volunteer organization a family or a sport see I want you to look around at your team and ask yourself who is stepping up.

My things go with who’s stepping up who actually seems to be even more engaged. The tougher the situation looks who wants the ball late in a close game. Now in sports of course you know what that means but metaphorically speaking in business who wants the ball when you all are down to a year you have one last five minute pitch you can give to try to win that to try to win that contract against the rival company from across town who wants the ball who’s the person who wants to be the one to give that presents presentation who’s stepping up saying I want to be the one to go into the boardroom and do all the talk and who’s taken the wheel when things start going left.

I remember watching a 2008 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. Team USA basketball team. This is the quote unquote redeem teams in 2004. Team USA did not win the gold medals for the first time since we started sending our professional players to international competition didn’t win gold medal won a bronze in 0 4. So in 2008 we’re supposed to be redeeming ourselves. We had a pretty solid team Kobe Bryant Dwight Howard Chris Bosh LeBron James Dwayne Wade very good team Jason Kidd Chris Paul.

Very good team we sent there but come down in the fourth quarter down the stretch against Spain for the gold medal the game wasn’t a blowout. We weren’t out there just blowing everybody out. We blew a lot of teams out. We weren’t blown Spain out. It was a pretty tight game down the stretch and Spain has started to make some good please. And it looked like they were going to maybe have a chance to win the game and it was a pretty tight game. I remember watching it and on my men is not guaranteed the USA is going to win. And the timeout was call and coming out at that time out it was obvious if you watched the last two or three minutes of that game any of you who remembered a game you know there was one player on Team USA when everybody was kind of because at this point is what happens when a team is used to winning especially a team is used to winning all the time like Team USA. Even though we had lost in 2004 and that would a bronze medal for the most part when the Americans sent professional basketball players in international competition we were used to winning even though we had that blemish there and in 2002 we had some losses and in 2006 there was a loss as well. For the most part overall though we were still pretty much winning all the time.

And at 2080 in the 0 7 tournament of America’s and in the Olympics hadn’t lost a single game. So this will end this was the first time this gold medal game against me is the first time even looked like we had a chance to lose. So when that happens as I talked about the road games when things aren’t set up for you to win but what about when you’re used to winning all the time and that’s why this topic is a topic everyone’s confident and everything is working. If you’re used to winning all the time and then all of a sudden Somali hits you in the mouth all of a sudden things are not working in your favor. All of a sudden it looks like you know what you might not actually win and end is not even going. It’s not even going to be close. You might get beat bad or you’re in a close game where you’re not you saw a close game because you’re used to winning by a nice margin all the time. Even the best of the best like this team USA 2 we had. These are all star superstars Hall of Fame basketball players all on one team. When that game got tight team USA kind of started looking around at each other like oh what the hell do we do now.

We haven’t been in this situation yet. This is the gold medal game. We don’t have another game to kind of we can’t learn from this one and figure it out for the next game. This is the last game we got to do something and when Team USA came out of that time out. 2008 gold medal game in Beijing. There was one particular player who wanted the ball. There was one particular player who wanted to take the shots. His name was Kobe Bryant. If you didn’t see this game you can go on YouTube and find this gold medal game between USA and Spain. Kobe wanted the ball. He wanted to take the shot. Then metaphor was a three pointer. He’s gonna draw drafted a hole and don’t. If he was going to create a shot for somebody else but he wanted the ball he was the one who wanted to take the steering wheel. And when things start going left for USA and Spain was starting to have some momentum. Most people in life. I’m not saying everybody on Team USA but where I’m stepping out of Team USA scenario right now and back to you when things go left in life especially when you’re dealing with a group whether it be two people or two hundred. Most of the time the people in the group fall back.

Most people want to fall back when things start going left when things aren’t going the way they expect them to go.

in Spain metaphorically starts coming back and it looks like they’re going to beat the USA most people they kind of fall back they don’t want to. Now want to do anything they don’t want to be front line in their situation. Why.

Because listen when situations go left and everything is working stress that’s a stressful situation is an uncertain situation and you might be facing a loss. You might be facing defeat. Most people don’t want to deal with that. They don’t want to dance with that energy. Let’s put it that way. Most people don’t want that and that’s just normal for human beings. So the question is who’s the abnormal person who’s the person that once the stress. Who’s the person that wants to step on the dance floor with that stress with that uncertainty with the momentum going in the exact opposite direction of where the group wants it to go. Who’s the person in the group who steps up and says you know what I got this I handled it. Give me the ball. I’m will figure it out. Everybody else follow me now. Hopefully the message that you’re getting. I’m hoping that you get the message and what I’m sharing here is not to lionize Kobe Bryant. Think of you know I mean everybody knows who Kobe Ryan is. But hopefully you’re understanding a hinting that this needs to be you. You need to be this person in any group. And even if your group is is you one person when things are going left who is stepping up. Who wants the ball. Metaphorically speaking even if you don’t play sports. Who wants to take the drivers who wants to take the steering wheel.

Sit in the driver’s seat and figure it out. Even though you’re in a stressful uncertain situation. Point number two. Today’s topic is everyone is confident when everything is working. When things go bad in life when things are not working the way that you want them to win the momentum seems to be on the side of the opposition. Now you’re en route. Right now you’re in a road game situation zero game could be just a moment in time you could be on a road game you could be at home have a road game just for a moment of time because all the momentum is going in the other direction. So when you get on that road game the question then becomes who can you trust en route. See this is why yesterday’s episode we talked about will I told you that in sports coaches will try to make their players as uncomfortable as possible in practice and test them in practice before the game so that when they get in the game they already know who is going to step up who’s gonna do what. When they get into that corner quote road game situation. Who can I trust. Who are the people who are going to step up in this situation. There are some people that you’ll find who kind of paradoxically in a way they actually need that stress to step up that the more of a road game quote unquote that the situation is the more that person steps up it kind of wakes them up because it’s a road game.

Personally when I was playing sports I always I plan on road more night playing at home. I like these situations where things got tough when things weren’t quite working in favor of us because I knew in those situations like a separate myself from the others who can only play at home those who can only play when the situation was kind of normal when it was within their comfort zone. I like the situations where it was gonna be tough stressful and the crowd gets quiet and nary or the crowd has vowed at their turn fatality. Craig is quiet to terrify us and it looks like it’s not going to work out. How do we become. How do we figure out how to pour a victory from the jaws of defeat. As they said Who were the people who step up in tough situations when the situation goes bad and you can on a road you will need to. You will need to know who you can trust before that happens. There’s the point that I’m making here. If you’re in any kind of group two or more people you need to know who can do what and who can’t do what.

Before you get into a road game situation you don’t want to be on Nauru finding out that you’re own row and then figuring out oh you know what. We don’t know who we can trust. We don’t know who can do what.

We don’t have a plan for this situation. You’ll probably end up losing. You need to know who that person is and what that person can do and who can who can and can’t do what everybody in the group before you can unless it’s raining. So when it happens because it will happen. All right here’s what we do. Here’s here’s who’s gonna do what. Here’s who’s gonna take what responsibility the coach of that team USA in 2008. Coach K Mike specifically from Duke. Coach of Team USA I think he I think he had a pretty good idea that Kobe Bryant will want the ball so he made sure to have Kobe Bryant on court. He knew who to have on the court at the end and that end of game situation because he knew he knew who was probably going to step up who even played even better when the situations got stressful. They woke up even more. Not that Kobe wasn’t good when it wasn’t stressful. But when the situation got stressful he became an even better player who likes playing on a rope. Now what if your organization is only one person with us as you right now. You have a team you’re not part of any kind of organization this is you doing your thing right now. No going to get to wherever you’re trying to get to that you need to be this person. You need to be that that Kobe quote unquote in this situation what wakes you up everything better wake you up because you will have a teammate to turn to. You’ll have a teammate that pass the ball too. Are you ready to play on the road. If not then you better get ready to play on the road because you will have a teammate who can play on the road in your stead.

You got to be you. Point number three. Today’s topic is everyone’s confident when everything is working. What do you do when things are going off when things are looking bad point him at three mental toughness. Ladies and gentlemen I mentioned every day on his on an introduction of this show is your ability to remain confident and disciplined despite the fact that things are not going the way that you expected them to go as a test of how confident you can remain when there is very little tangible success for what’s to believe in. Say that again mental toughness is the test of how confident you can remain when there is very little tangible success to point to or to believe in or for anyone who is on the outside looking in to say Ah. Here are some reasons why you can still win. Here’s some reasons why you should still believe here’s some reasons why you should keep playing. Here’s some reasons why this game is not over here’s some reasons why you shouldn’t quit the person on the outside looking in can’t provide any reasons because there’s nothing tangible that says this is going to work out there’s nothing tangible that says alright you at least got this success so far so you might as well keep going. Mental toughness is a measure of how confident can you be. Even when there is zero nothing has happened that says you should keep going. Nothing says there. There is reason for hope. Do you have that mental toughness.

Now once you understand it the way to you build this mental toughness if you’re questioning right now you’re not sure if you have it the way you build this is by going on route by playing in road games by being in those situations that’s who most people would be stressful that will cause some people to panic that will cause some people to quit that will cause some people to fold that will cause some people to just kind of fall back and disappear.

You build this mental toughness by going on a road and I’m going to be clear not just going on a road but winning on the road.

Not just going on route but winning en route.

You see if you just go on the road and you lose every single time that you got the experience but you didn’t really build the toughness you didn’t really build you didn’t really build the character you didn’t really build the wheel. Because I mean you didn’t disengage it enough to get the outcome that you came to get where results based business it.

Life is a results based business people who get the results get the rewards. So you build that mental toughness by not only going into those rose situations but you got to come out victorious. Now you may not win every single time but you got to get some Ws under your belt. Remember again that we’re in and results based business so it’s not just about the participation. No. No participation trophies here. It’s not just the participation but as the success that you produce as a result of that participation in net 2008 gold medal game. In case you didn’t know we may a couple of big shots down the stretch and Team USA won that gold medal. Let’s recap today’s soppy which is everyone is confident when everything is working but when you get into those road games and shit starts looking bad and things start going wrong direction what do you do then. Point number one when things go left in life. Look around at your team and and look at yourself and ask yourself who’s stepping up who wants the ball. When you get into those stressful situations I’m going to be clear it will be very obvious who wants the ball metaphorically speaking if we’re not talking sports it’d be very obvious who wants the ball when things get tough because everybody else is going get real quiet and they’re going to become real small quote unquote.

And they’re not going to want it because it’s stressful and is an uncertain situation so who wants that. Not many people know only a select few. Point number two when things go bad. Now you’re on the road automatically. Even if you were at home now you’re on the road who can you trust en route is usually not the same people you can trust at home. Some people though actually need that stress. They actually wake up the more stressful it gets the more involved they get. Some people like playing on the road more and like playing at home because of tough situations allow them to separate themselves from everybody else. Point number three mental toughness is the test of how confident you can remain when there is very little tangible success for you to look at and believe it.

This is only built by not only going on row but winning on the road work on your game Dre All Day

2:56 Today’s Topic: Everyone Is Confident When Everything Is Working

4:30 Point I: When things go left, who in your team is stepping up? Who wants the ball when you get into those stressful situations?

10:23 Point II: Who can you trust on the road?

13:56 Point III: Mental toughness is the test of how confident you can remain when there is very little tangible success for you to look at and believe in.

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