#1084: The Future Of The Work On Your Game Podcast [Again] [WOYG Podcast]

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If you’re not yet a member of the Game Group (http://DreAllDay.com/Membership), you’ll probably want to become one. All my best stuff will be there — and we take things to the next level with results-focused strategies for the most important areas of your game.

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3:12 Today’s Topic: The Future Of The Work On Your Game Podcast [Again]

3:43 Point I: 2 episode a week will be public.

6:17 Point II: 63 cents or less per episode as a member of the Game Group who has access to the WOYG podcast

7:56 Point III: Why do this?

10:47 Point IV: What are you getting in the game group?

13:51 Recap

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