#1088: What I’ve Learned About The “Real World” As Compared To What I Was Told [WOYG Podcast]

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Our teachers and parents like(d) to perch Toni’s about what life would be like once we got out there “on our own.”

Some of what they said was true. A lot of it was not. Today I’ll give credit where credit is due (the right stuff) and point out the inconsistencies as compared to what I’ve experienced thus far in the “real world.”

1:19 Today’s Topic: What I’ve Learned About The “Real World” As Compared To What I Was Told

4:44 Point I: They only knew the things that they knew.

14:26 Point II: LUCK

21:10 Point III: Losers follow all the rules.

28:35 Sometimes you don’t have to follow the rules exactly but you still gotta follow them a little bit.

33:34 Recap

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