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I get asked this one a lot, whether it be “purpose” or “passion” or “focus.” Today I answer the question as it relates to purpose — your reason for being, the mission you’re here to complete.

Hint: If you’re alive you do have a purpose, whether you know what it is or not.

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Dre Baldwin: [00:00:00] Here’s what I need you to do whatever platform you’re listening to this show on. Go weave a rating and review of the show. No not right now. Right now we have a five star rating and review to show tell people what you think about it. Tell people the value you’re getting. You take care of that business. I’m against it as ever so. And I’ll meet you in the middle.

Dre Baldwin: [00:00:18] Let’s do it. What is it about it just making me come alive. What’s the part about it that I really enjoy. What activities or energies or types of words are you so into that you would even lose track of time when you’re doing. That’s a clue for you. OK. let’s. work on.

Dre Baldwin: [00:00:39] Your. He gave aggressive that aggressive with a dominating game.

Dre Baldwin: [00:00:46] Dre balls and Dre All Day working in the game tense and intense and you are now tuned into the show where you learn the disappointing show up. Day after day to do the work. The confidence to put yourself out there boldly and authentically and the mental toughness to continue showing up doing the work putting yourself out there even when the success you have expected to achieve is yet to occur. And on top of this yes there is more. You get a huge dose of personal initiative. This is the go getter energy that moves you to make things happen instead of waiting for things to happen. Putting all this together you get the mindset the method the podcast known as work on your game. My name is Dre Baldwin also known as Dre All Day welcome to the show. Today’s topic finding your purpose in life. Now I’ve been looking through the results of the Work On Your Game Podcast survey. If you have not yet taken this survey it is at Dre All Day dot com slash survey. Many of you have not taken a survey yet. Please go and take the survey. It will help me and it will help you and it will help me help you so take that survey again at Dre de dot com slash survey. Many people have asked the question around this topic of finding my purpose finding what am I supposed to do in life. What am I going to do it myself.

Dre Baldwin: [00:01:55] Nowhere is my space and life carving out my space finding my space locating my space what is my purpose in life how can I help. How can I figure out my purpose in life. That’s what people have been asking about. So that’s how we’re covering this here in today’s episode. All the way back very early in the spring of 2016. Back in episode number seven of this podcast I talked about finding your purpose in life but I’ve learned some things since then. I have some new ideas. Instance if you want to go listen Episode 7 you can do so at Dre All Day dot.com sites podcasts or even better at least for this moment you can listen to today’s episode where we’re gonna covered is finding your purpose now. A lot of questions as I said on this topic. Let’s get a definition of what this word purpose actually means or at least the angle from which I’m going to be speaking about it. So you understand what I’m talking about when I get into my points here today. Definition of purpose is the reason for which something is done or created or the reason for which something exists. So the something that we’re talking about here today is you as an individual person. So the question that we’re answering is oh we’re going to attempt to as I’m going to give you some things that will help you come up with the answer to this question because I can’t really give you the answer.

Dre Baldwin: [00:03:09] The question is what’s the reason why you exists. Why are you here on this planet why were you born wonder what are you here to do what impact are you here to make. In his short time relatively speaking to each of us is here what impact are you destined to make and how do you figure that out. How do you find out that that’s your impact and then to actually get to doing it. That’s all part of working on your game. You’ve listened to the other thousand plus episodes it his podcast to learn more about how to do that. But today we’re targeting we’re focusing specifically on finding your purpose. Point number one. To find your purpose in life I would say you the hard part up front. I would tell you apart. Is not fun. Up front I can tell you the part right here that is not a shortcut. It is not a hack. I wouldn’t even call it as a tactic but it is something that you will have to go through and maybe you’re going through it right now. Maybe this may be the frustrating part of a process that has led you to listening to an episode that is titled Finding your purpose in life as you had to try a lot of things to find out where you belong.

Dre Baldwin: [00:04:07] This is just the bottom line of it. You want to figure out what your purpose is the reason why you exists and you’re not quite sure.

Dre Baldwin: [00:04:14] There isn’t anything that you’ve just been so attracted to. You knew it was your thing and it wasn’t anything that was attracted to you so much that uses knew without even having to think about it that it was your thing. If that’s you and which is I think is ninety nine percent of the human population. You just got to try a whole lot of things to see what is and what isn’t for you. You don’t know something’s not for you until you’ve actually done it. Often you may come across people and maybe you’re one of these people who decides something not for you even though you never tried it. You decide something this is not my place. Is not the thing that I want to do it is not something that I’m interested in and you never actually tried it before and maybe you’re right on some of those and maybe you’re not. How will you ever really know the only way you’ll ever really know something is not for you or it is for you is for you to actually go do it. You got to try a lot of things to find your place in life. While there are the few golden children out there as I said 99 percent of us got to try a lot of things before we figure out exactly what it is for us. There are some golden children out there who know from birth that they’re destined to fill in the blank.

Dre Baldwin: [00:05:13] Be a musician or write books or be an athlete and they actually become that thing not just they say they’re going to do it but they actually become it and that becomes their thing in life. There are a few people one percent of the population who knows that’s their thing from a very young age and then they go actually become their thing and they thrive in a flourish doing their thing. Most of us it doesn’t work that way. Some of us may think that our thing is to be a musician or to be a football player or to be a author of fiction novels and then we go and do that thing. We take the actions to do that thing we found out a few things. Maybe we find out we don’t like it as much as we thought we would. Maybe we find out that the grind is a little bit harder than we thought it would be and we’re not interested anymore. Maybe we find out that we’re just not as talented at that thing relatively speaking as we thought we were. So when we come up against the world at large who’s also trying to do the same thing we realize we don’t stand out as much as we thought we would.

Dre Baldwin: [00:06:04] And we move on to something else and that’s all right. Doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with you didn’t make a mistake that you had to go see what’s really happening with things before you know for sure. That’s your thing. I hear from of course a lot of athletes. Me being a former athlete who say hey this is my thing. This is my purpose in life my passion in life. My whole life is about playing this sport. But then they go up against the world at large who also is taking the exact same thing and maybe you realize you know what maybe I’m not as good as I thought I was maybe I don’t stand out as much at the college level that I would stand out at the high school level. Maybe I’ll stand out as much and as competitive level as I did in my neighborhood or playing on somebodies backyard court on my block. And then you got to move on to something else and that’s OK. Again you may think it’s one thing you find out that is a different thing. Author Robert Green my favorite author were mentioned many times elements in all his books. Robert Green said before he wrote his first book his breakthrough bestseller that put his name on the map is called The 48 Laws Of Power. Robert said he estimated that he had worked between 30 and 40 jobs in his life trying to find out where his place was.

Dre Baldwin: [00:07:08] What was his purpose. What was he really about. He did menial tasks jobs. He worked in Hollywood for many years. He was a writer. He was an assistant to some people and none of those really seemed to be his thing. He wasn’t really excited about them. He wasn’t terribly successful at any of them. I believe he was 30 either 35 or 38 years old when the 48 awesome power that booked it got him out there. When that book actually came out about 35 or 38 years old and he said that he figured his family like his parents and his siblings I don’t know if he even has siblings. But the people around him who had known him growing up he thought that they were looking at him like OK Robert is pretty much a lost cause he’s not going to be very successful in life. He’s just gonna be this okay nondescript guy who doesn’t achieve anything noteworthy. He felt that that’s how people felt about him because he was damn near 40 years old. He hadn’t really found his purpose yet. But then he found that at that point some turned that story with you to tell you no one. First of all I told you I had between 30 and 40 jobs in his life.

Dre Baldwin: [00:08:05] How many have you had so far if you’re frustrated with not finding your purpose in at the age that he was. Often people want to know their purpose by the time they’re 16 or 25 or someone could be in their early 30s and saying Damn I don’t even know what it is I want to do with my life and they feel like that you’re a failure or that you just for some reason have failed yourself or failed other people. Here’s a guy who’s one of the most well-known well purchased authors in the world right now. As of this recording and he didn’t know what his thing was until he was damn near 40 years old writing a book you would think somebody who is going to be a writer they would know that pretty soon you would assume right. He didn’t do it so he was in his late 30s author Tim Ferriss another author who’s the owner of the four hour series four hour work week for our body for our chef. He said he damn near had a nervous breakdown. And if you have read the four hour workweek Tim talks about this. He was running a nutritional supplement business. That’s what he was doing before he started writing books. He had his own nutritional supplement business and he was actually doing well.

Dre Baldwin: [00:09:06] The thing is only. Way it was going to do well at least in terms Ma was if he worked 70 hours a week and he was working all these hours and then they’re having a nervous breakdown his girlfriend and girl he thought he was gonna marry broke up with him because he wasn’t spending the time and had a relationship all his time was going into the business and he was then having just a breakdown as a human being and he went on a trip and he got a one way ticket out of the country. It’s all the people in his company listen y’all run things without me Don’t contact me for any reason any problems come up. I just figured this shit out and he left. He didn’t even have a plan for them to figure things out. He left because he didn’t know what was gonna happen to himself if he didn’t leave. He left what happened on that trip led to the ideas that became the four hour workweek which made him a very well-known author and well known wherever you see him as these days. I’m sharing these stories with you so that you know that you may not know and Tim was probably in his maybe late 20s or early 30s at the time that he put that book out. I’m telling these stories with you again that you know that you had to try things you may have to come to the brink of not being too comfortable things being very inconvenient for you somewhere to how Tim Ferriss was and maybe at the point where you think the people around you are looking at you like are this guy or this girl is not going to amount to much in life as Robert Green thought for himself before you find that thing but you have to try a lot of stuff before something sticks to the wall as they say.

Dre Baldwin: [00:10:28] Point number two today’s topic is finding your purpose in life. If you don’t know what your purposes you don’t even know how to go about figuring it out. That’s what we’re talking about here today. Here’s the question for you. Point number two where do you find yourself coming alive. Where do you find yourself lit up where yours is engaged in your all the way and your emotions get involved. Where in life have you found yourself coming to life. Now I guarantee you’ve noticed that there are some areas where you come alive may not be that the specific job may not be the job itself or the task or the people it may be some combination of those things and maybe the fact that you get to be seen or maybe it’s the fact that you get to be in the background and help somebody else obviously.

Dre Baldwin: [00:11:09] Maybe it’s because you get to talk more maybe because you know how to talk at all. Because you get to use electronics or computers and maybe it’s because it’s something physical or something outdoors or something indoors there’s some element of any area of life where you find yourself coming alive. There’s some element or elements of that activity that is giving you some hints giving you some clues to what your purpose may be in life. So what you would need to do to answer this question for yourself is think of the times in the areas or circumstances situations in life where you come alive where you’re really engaged really focused and you would just do that thing even if there was no payoff for it just doing it makes you feel great makes you feel personally fulfilled and then break that activity down break that circumstance down and ask yourself what is it about it that’s making me come alive. What’s the part about it that I really enjoy. What activities are energies or types of words. Are you so into that you would even lose track of time when you’re doing them. That’s a clue for you. What do you do when you don’t have to be doing anything. That’s another clue for you. You don’t have work you have any family commitments you have anything that you have to be doing at the moment what do you do.

Dre Baldwin: [00:12:18] Someone like myself was I like to compete and that’s why I got into sports. It wasn’t necessarily the sport itself. It was the fact that I get to compete. And when you get to compete you get a chance to win. I did create things which you could tell about doing something like this podcast or making videos or writing books. You had to know what it is for you and only way you can know is getting going back. Point number one. Trying a lot of things but then number two as you’re trying things there’s gonna be some elements of those things that you try to make you come alive. What are those elements and why do they make you come alive. These are questions you need to be actively asking yourself. In Robert Greene’s book mastery he writes about this whole book is about finding your purpose in life. If you haven’t read the book mastery go out there and get it again by Robert Green the author great book to help you clue yourself in on where are the areas that bring you alive to life. Point number three today’s topic is finding your purpose in life. Here’s a directive for you straight from me. Stop trying to fit into a pre-existing archetype.

Dre Baldwin: [00:13:19] Often when someone feels lost they feel like they haven’t figured out what their purposes in life.

Dre Baldwin: [00:13:25] They start looking around. You start looking to your left notes your right and see what other people are doing. You see what my sister do with my mom and dad do. What is this person that I follow on the Internet. Do what this person who wrote a book or the people that they talk about in the book. What did these people do. We start looking at these pre-existing archetypes. We see what everyone else has already done and then we ask ourselves okay do I fit into this. Could I be this or maybe I could be like this person and maybe I could do with this person does here but just the younger version or older version or the female version. Stop trying to fit in to pre-existing archetypes. Maybe your purpose whatever you find it to be. Maybe it’s something that isn’t quite a mainstream idea. As of today maybe it doesn’t actually exist as a thing right now. Most people if you were to describe it to most people today they wouldn’t understand what your purpose is going to be because it doesn’t fit into a box. It can’t be described and it will quote perfect elevator speech in 15 seconds quote unquote. Well listen. Not everybody’s supposed to fit into a known and accepted description. That’s why we’re all individuals. That’s why we’re all different right. They say to every human being is an individual is completely different and no two fingerprints are exactly right. Well how is it then if this is true and I think we all accept this as the truth. How is it then that so many of us are trying to fit into archetypes that already exists.

Dre Baldwin: [00:14:43] We’re trying to fit into boxes that have already been made by and for somebody else. Maybe wherever you blow whatever purpose it is that’s out there for you just isn’t there yet doesn’t exist quite yet. And maybe you’ll be the one to bring it about. Maybe you’ll be the one who makes it into a thing and then you get people five years from now coming up and they’re trying to do the thing that you started but maybe wherever that is for you it doesn’t exist right now and is your job to bring it into existence of bringing it to the mainstream and make it an accepted idea. Everything that we have these days at one point was not an accepted idea wasn’t an accepted idea. It wasn’t even just a little over 10 years ago to blog for a living was not an accepted idea. I was. You were like a loser blogging for a living. Then it was YouTube being for a living was another thing wasn’t really an accepted idea. And there was so many things doing a podcast putting stuff out on social media just as a your full time business that was not except there wasn’t even 15 years ago that these things were not accepted. But then people started doing it. People start to see success and then people found you know what. This is the place that I belong. This is really the thing that I should be known. And it became an accepted thing. So you may not be able to fit into something that already exists or something that you can see right now.

Dre Baldwin: [00:15:58] Maybe it does exist but you don’t see it because you haven’t tried enough things you haven’t been out of the house often enough you haven’t been around too far from where you started at. Therefore you haven’t been able to see it but it does exist. Well that’s why we got to go back to point number one. So let’s recap today’s topic which is finding your purpose in life. A lot of people ask me questions on this definition of purpose. The reason for which something is done or created or the reason for which something or someone we’re talking about people here today. What is the reason why you exists. What’s the reason why you exist as a person what’s the reason why you do the things that you do to answer that question. Number one you have to try a lot of things to find your position in life. There are a few people who know just from birth where exactly they’re going to be and what exactly they’re going to do and that’s exactly what happens. Ninety nine percent of us it doesn’t work that way. It isn’t as easy for us. We got to try a lot of things to find things out in some of the most successful people out there. If you go read the biographies and stories of successful people whom you’ve heard of many of them did not know when they were five years old that they would become successful at fill in the blank.

Dre Baldwin: [00:16:59] They had to trial out of things and maybe even stumble into what that thing was they didn’t even see it. And so they got into it. Point number two question is Where do you find yourself coming to life. What activities or energies and what elements of those activities do you get so intensely into that you lose track of time you completely focus you’re completely engaged while you’re doing it that’s a clue for you you need to pay attention cities clues. What do you do when you know how to be doing anything. Where you invest in your time your energy your attention your focus maybe even your money where you’re not obligated to. That may be a hint it’s probably definitely a hint clue into what your purposes in life. And number three. Stop trying to fit into a pre-existing archetype wherever your purposes in life it may not be something that you know about right now as quote unquote. Accept it as something that other people are doing. You may be the first one to do it. If you have the courage to be the one to stand out in front when everybody’s looking at it like I don’t understand it doesn’t make sense. How are you gonna make money. Who else is doing that. When people are asking these questions maybe that’s the exact place that you need to be right now. Maybe it is maybe your purpose is something it isn’t quite mainstream right now. Most people wouldn’t understand it because it doesn’t fit into a box can’t be described in the elevator speech.

Dre Baldwin: [00:18:14] Well listen. Not everybody supposed to fit into a known and accepted description and that’s why we are all individuals work on your game.

Dre Baldwin: [00:18:22] Dre All Day dot.com. You just listen to an entire episode of my podcast. If you’ve been getting value from this podcast the thousand plus episodes that I’ve been putting out or this is just your first one please go to Apple podcasts or Stitcher or wherever you listen to podcast leave a review of my show. It helps me out and helps the audience out so they know what kind of show this is before they listen to it if they want to kind of get a taste for it before they commit to listening. And lets me know that I’m giving value to you every single day on this podcast. Anywhere you can leave review please go leave a review. Thank you I appreciate it a lot. I’ll see you in tomorrow’s episode. Work on your game.

1:21 Today’s Topic: Finding Your Purpose In Life

3:05 What’s the reason why you exist? Why are you here on this planet? Why are you here to do?

3:34 Point I: You have to try a lot of things to find out where you belong.

10:24 Point II: Where do you find yourself coming alive?

13:03 Point III: Stop trying to fit into a pre-existing archetype.

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