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Some of you are super-talented. And if you listen to this show, you’re probably a hard worker (at least better than average). Still, there’s only so much that one person can do — and even then, just because you can do something doesn’t mean that you should be doing it. That’s today’s topic.

[Transcript] #1099: Entrepreneurs: Stop Doing All The Work Yourself!

[00:00:00] You’re now tuned in to the show where you learn the discipline to show up day after day to do the work. The confidence to put yourself out there boldly and authentically and the mental toughness to continue showing up doing the work putting yourself out there even when the success you’ve expected to achieve is yet to be achieved. And on top of all this you got to use those personal initiative that go get her energy to moves you to make things happen instead of waiting for things to happen. Putting artists together you get the mindset the method the podcast known as work on your game.

[00:00:27] My name is Dre Baldwin also known as DreAllDay and today we’re all targets and entrepreneurs a people have asked me I’ve asked I’ve asked often in my Instagram story those you know follow me on Instagram is at Dre Baldwin one where I’ve asked what do people want to hear me talk about on the Work On Your Game Podcast and Work On Your Game Podcast survey. What do people want me to talk about moving forward. I mean we’ve done a thousand a thousand plus episodes that his podcast. What do you want to hear more of. People have asked for more on the mental game. I guess obviously people like what I say about the mental game but also a lot of people ask me talking about business. Talk about business how you put your business together Dre how you run your business now. Did all of that in the game group which you can find out about. DreAllDay.com/memberships or DreAllDay.com/gamegroup just looked it up. The link is in show notes. But today’s topic is for entrepreneurs how to stop doing all the work yourself. Now I know several many entrepreneurs who listen to it as podcast and I know many who I’m not sure if they listened to it as podcast or not in a lot of them who I know had this issue of doing too much of the work themselves or at least too much of the work that they don’t need to be doing themselves.

[00:01:38] Many entrepreneurs when we’re talking about solopreneurs to those who have partners and those who have actual staff but anything that small business was I believe is 50 people or less. Many entrepreneurs who are small business owners is what I’m saying you get caught in a matrix of basically working yourself to death you feel like you’re always working. You don’t have a whole lot of time. Even if you’re making a ton of money or you’re not making a ton of money yet you don’t have time to enjoy life whether you have money to you to spend on that life or not you have any time. So it doesn’t matter whether you got money or not because you’re always at work right. Any of you ever feel like you’re always at work. Ever feel like you’re working yourself to death. Today I’m gonna give you some basics on not doing all the work yourself and in future episodes I’m going to go deeper on this. Maybe in the next episode wink wink I’m going to go deeper on this but also again. Jerry all day dot com slash membership is that membership singular or plural might be both. And at Dre the dot com slash game group. I pray I have all three shows you or else we’ll go to the same place where you can get into the game group get its own membership.

[00:02:39] Well I give you specific tactics specific scripts specific strategies on how I do certain things business wise. Also there will be categories for basketball playing overseas skill development and also personal development and there’s probably the lesson to this episode there’s probably an ad that you heard the beginning or the end of this episode that tell you more about that. Anyway let’s get into today’s topic which is entrepreneurs how to start doing all of the work.

Point number one. Delegate. Delegate. Delegate.

What does it mean to delegates. Delegate is I mean it does give you the the definition straight out the the apple dictionary of delegation. Delegate means to entrust a task or responsibility to another person typically one who is less senior than oneself or to send or authorize someone to do something as a representative. That’s what it means to delegate your works. I’m not talking about delegates like any in a government. I’m talking about to delegate the actual verb. Delegate what it means. This is a test of your trust of others to do the work of entrepreneurs that I know just have not yet developed they understand a concept the delegation because I’ve talked to them about it multiple times and they know who they are but they haven’t yet come to actually bring it to life. They haven’t emotionally understood it because they haven’t emotionally yet grasped having enough trust in other people to actually do the work.

[00:04:18] Whatever that work is and to do that work right or do that work as well as they might do the work themselves the entrepreneurs themselves. Some entrepreneurs have this issue of trusting others to do the work they can’t do it as well as I can do I gotta make sure I do it right or they’re even further back. They’re not willing to invest the time in teaching someone into teaching someone else how to do the job correcting them and just investing their time upfront to save a whole lot of time later sort of being penny wise and pound foolish when it actually comes to their time cause they don’t want to make the upfront investment to save a whole lot on the back end. Sometimes that’s the issue but there are also other issues when it comes to delegation that slows around entrepreneurs down. This is one of them. Let me tell you the other one. Another one is clarity and communication. So if you’re going to delegate a task to another person you personally have to be clear on what that task is. And you had to be clear in your communication of what the task is why this task is being done how you want it done and what the end result looks feels sounds reads like whatever it whatever the task happens to be explaining what you want done in painstaking detail so easy that a caveman could do it.

[00:05:27] That’s your job in delegating tasks to another person so that you know that they know exactly what needs to be done. Explaining what you want done in painstaking detail was means you have to create clarity in your mind before you talk to the delegates. The person who’s gonna take the job you’ve got to create clarity in your mind as to what exactly needs to be needs to be done. If you don’t know what needs to be done and you can’t explain how you want things how could you expect anybody else to take the job and do it. People can’t read your mind and if you can’t read your mind you damn sure know nobody else is going to be able to read it. Point number two. So this first point is delegation. I don’t give a whole episode to this topic of delegating into many aspects of it when it comes to four solo printers entrepreneurs small business owners delegating to a second task of your hands that you’ll need to be doing yourself so stay tuned for that.

Point number two: codification.

This is a key a key key point major key shot. The D.A. countered this point I don’t give a whole episode to this and this is something I go into very deep detail in within the game group membership at Dre datacom slash membership codification definition and codify is the process of arranging laws or rules according to a system or a plan.

[00:06:44] But let me give you that definition in plain English here it is taking what you know what is in your mind and putting it into a format from which others can utilize and benefit from it. Wait for it without your personal involvement. We get a definition one more time. This is a key key factor that could change the game for many entrepreneurs and wants your partners those you want to be entrepreneurs. You’re not quite sure how to begin or maybe you haven’t thought about quite doing it yet but this is something that changes the game for you. Change the game for me and I’ll tell you how a moment codifying means taking what you know you’re now it’s your experiences your expertise putting it into a format from which other people can utilize it and benefit from it learn from it. Without your personal involvement. In other words codification removes you from the equation. See this podcast right here is codification. I’m taking what I know about entrepreneurship about whatever other topic I haven’t been talking about in the thousand plus episodes of this show. I’m recording it one time and then is being listened to thousands and thousands of times over by different people all over the world on demand whenever you decide to fire up this podcast and listen to it you don’t have to be listening at the exact time that I’m recording.

[00:08:00] So yes I do had to put some time in I’ve got to put some work in and actually recording the podcast. But once it’s done is done and thousands of people can listen to it as podcast whenever they want. Utilize what I’m saying benefit from what I’m saying. Without me personally being involved I don’t have to have a conversation with 10000 people on his exact day I had to had this exact same conversation with 10000 people on this subject. All I gotta do is have it once and I can put it out there and 10000 people can listen to it and benefit from it. That’s codification so codifying does not mean you’re not doing anything. I want to make sure I’m being clear. It just removes you from the equation as your work multiplies in terms of how many people it’s touching. That’s what codifying means when your work is performing a service. Any of you who work in a service you’re have a service based business such as you have. If you have clients if you have as you say clients of your or some type of trainer or consultant or you’re a coach or you’re a speaker and that makes up the bulk of your business your work means you are actually performing a service you personally are the bottleneck in your business and I don’t care how great your business is going right now.

[00:09:08] You can have so many clients that you’re working all day you literally don’t have any time because all you’re doing is training a client or sitting with a client or doing a coaching session and then as soon as that was done you got another one as soon as that was done you got another one soon as that was done you another one and you’re very busy. You may be making great money and you got all these clients and all these people who know you and people see you man how you get all those clients and is great at least business wise but life wise you had no time your husband or wife is mad at you you’re not seeing your kids your girlfriend boyfriends by the breakup with you you don’t you’re not really sure of your friends or your friends anymore is you have time for any of those life things because you have so many clients the problem is you are a bottleneck in your business because the only way your business continues is for you to be personally involved in delivering a service which is the way that you make money. So I’m not saying that you being a bottleneck. I’m not saying that you’re bad at what you do because only one you the reason why you’re the bottleneck because there’s only one view of your business is based on your personal involvement. The problem is there’s only one of you.

[00:10:08] And only 24 hours in a day the biggest violators of this that I’ve seen personally people who I’ve known personally people I’ve converse with personally some of whom are listening to me right now. Personal trainers coaches business coaches speakers consultants. They are the biggest violators of this because they are the bottlenecks in our business even when they are doing well. That’s was crazy the better. Here’s the thing. Those you are service based entrepreneurs those who have crying tell you have a rolodex of clients. And yes I’m talking about you you know who you are.

[00:10:42] The better you get the worse this problem becomes. This is the. This is the this the paradox of being great at performing a service the better you get the worse the problem.

[00:10:55] Because let’s say I was a personal trainer let’s say I decided to open up a basketball training business and I’m just training basketball players and the main thing biggest basketball player is to come to my training academy as that is called Dre ball and when training camp is called Work on your game training Dre All Day training people are coming because that name NICE DAY NOT COMING TO GET MY the trainer that I train or the person that I’m teaching the training like me to come going to get Dre ball and they’re paying for me. They pay because my name’s on anything. Now can I eventually though teach other people my process. Yes but the biggest money I won’t get is when I’m the one doing the work right the better that I get the more clients I attract the worse my problem becomes because they’re all going to be demanding my presence.

[00:11:34] They won’t pay me for it but are all demanding my presence and the more I take that more I take that money so I can get their client the less time I have less time I have for life. The less time I have to know sit by the pool less time I have to go to Philly and get some Rita’s Water Ice. Last time I had to take a walk.

[00:11:50] The last time I had to do anything other than work the better I get it performing my serve as the more clients I acquire the worse the bottleneck is the stronger that the thinner that bottleneck becomes in my business.

[00:12:03] That’s why codification is so important and that’s why we give a whole episode to this topic which is taking again taking what you know putting into a format from which others can utilize and benefit from it without your personal involvement again doesn’t mean you don’t do anything means you can do work one time and then you can benefit from network while your clients and customers are benefiting from the work as well. So it’s not like you’re cheating anybody. They’re benefiting from it your benefit of benefiting from it.

[00:12:27] It’s hard to say that three times fifth at the exact same time and you get time back in your life. Wouldn’t it be great. I mean it sounds amazing to me. More clients require more time and your time has an upper limit. It’s called the clock. It’s called the 24 hours a day it’s called life.

[00:12:45] You started a business. I think most people who start businesses start businesses so that you have more control while you start a business. You have some control so nobody can really tell you what to do. You’re not being you’re not being delegated to your doing the delegating. You want to have a little bit more of life. You start a business you can have some life right now thinking by starting businesses you won’t spend your whole life working you start a business so you can create more life for yourself not less.

[00:13:06] The problem is and this is something that you probably heard entrepreneur say before any of those you who are who are entrepreneurs are can considering becoming entrepreneurs. People start businesses because they want to have more time. But the thing is when you start a business you actually will have less time than if you would’ve had a regular quote unquote job. I work a lot more as an entrepreneur than I ever worked as a 9 to 5 employee. Now granted I was never like a serious seasoned 9 to 5 employee as some of you may be but I know the hours that I was acquired I had to be there a certain time and I left a certain time it was finite entrepreneurship. This is enough. This is infinite. I give work whenever I could always be doing something and my work is never finished. So as an entrepreneur you may be working a lot more than you thought you would be at some point. You got to be decent you got to be disciplined to be an entrepreneur. That’s the really thing because you could always be working and any entrepreneur listens it is is not in there I know is never a point where you could just say you know what. All of my work is absolutely done right now. I have anything that I need to be doing there’s always something you could be known as the better or not need to be but could be doing.

[00:14:11] There’s a future episode coming on this one about codification. This one is very very needed and codified this to give you an idea of codifying I already told you recording this podcast episode is codification because a year from now a year from today somebody is going to hear his episode for the first time and he’s gonna benefit them. That’s codification. They don’t have to talk to me. They’ve had to meet me. I had to rerecord it exact same thing. You listened to right now a year from now. This is going to be brand new to some might as codifying. I became known online putting video. YouTube video. Go to the gym workout. I worked out one time that day put it on youtube and listened. Ten years later the people who are seeing the video for the first time my day and it’s pretty good. You play basketball anymore. That’s codification. Future episode coming on this one again is very needed. Stay tuned. Point number three. Today’s topic is for the entrepreneurs how to stop doing all the work yourself. So we already are clear that you’ve got to delegate it take some work off your hands. You don’t need to be doing. Delegation is taking work that you don’t need to be doing and giving it to somebody else. No go deeper on that again a future episode probably tomorrow.

[00:15:12] Number two is codifying your work putting in a format that other people can learn from it without your personal involvement Here’s point number three. You don’t want to be doing all the work yourself. You want to feel like you’re working all the time. So the question then becomes because I just said some things that may kind of conflict with each other at some point with what I just said some things that may kind of conflict with each other. Someone says well OK Dre you just said that you want to get to the point where you have more time. But at the same time you just said yourself Dre that as an entrepreneur there’s always something that you could be doing. So where do you draw that line. Dre Where do you draw the line between. OK. There’s a bunch of things that I could be doing right now. Listen I got a list in case I didn’t know I keep a list of these podcast episodes. I don’t just turn on the mike and then just think of one random way when it might turn on. I keep a list of what I’m going to talk about on my podcast. I don’t think there’s really that much of a secret. But the thing is I could always be recording. I could just record all day today. I can record for 24 hours straight.

[00:16:11] I mean if I had the physical capability there’s never a point where I’m like Damn I have no more topics I’ve recorded everything I could possibly say I don’t I never get to that point. So how do you get to the point there. This is the question how do you get to the point where you can say you know what I’m good for today I’m good for this week you know I’m going on vacation for the next three days I’m not going to record for four days how can you get to the point where you’re all right with not working even though as an entrepreneur there are always things that you could be doing. How can you reconcile the two. How can you make those to balance out. Let me tell you how you make those balance out make those balance out by giving yourself a little bit of space by giving yourself a little bit of cushion. And when it comes to business let’s talk about what a space and cushion really means in business it doesn’t mean time is money money taken the same amount of work that you’re doing the same amount of time that you’re putting into it.

[00:16:59] Let’s just say that you made five times what you’re making. So he made ten times what you make him with that allow you with that. Would that relieve some of your concerns and allow you to relax a little bit allow you to rest a little bit easier or allow you to take those couple of days off and spend it with your significant other or with your kids or going to see your family or spending some time with your friends and going out to dinner with somebody you haven’t talked to in a long time. Would you feel more comfortable doing those things if you had five extra money or 10 extra money. I think every entrepreneur listens in his will say well of course Dre of course yes. But how do I do that. I mean it sounds good on a podcast but how do you actually do it. I’ll tell you how to do it. There’s point number three write this now is only three words write this now. Write in all capital letters circle it and I want you to think about this all day. Here it is.

Number three: Raise your prices.

This pauses on purpose is an intentional pause. Because I want to give you some time to write that down and let you let it just soak in for you a little bit right now. I don’t object to it. Don’t think about why you can’t or don’t tell me all the reasons why is not working.

[00:18:06] Now tell me how somebody else in X Y Z is charging less than what you’re charging already and you’re in a race to the bottom on price. Don’t think about any of that right now I just want you to let these three words soak into your mind.

[00:18:16] And yes I might give a whole episode to this topic right here. And I notice one is needed down there every entrepreneur I talk to has had this challenge especially solar panels here it is raise your prices.

[00:18:29] In episode number eight hundred and thirty five. If you will look up that episode you’ll see what his title was title Your price is too low. So I want you to repeat after me. And as for everybody you don’t have to be an entrepreneur to repeat what I’m about to say. Now explain how it works no matter what you do for a living here it is. Repeat after me every time I prove myself. At a certain price point my price shall increase. I will repeat myself. Here it is again. Let’s all say it together. Repeat after me every time every time I prove myself I proved myself at a certain price point at a certain price point my price my price shall increase shall increase. You got that. You mean to say it again. Need to write that down. We want it. Write that down. Why do you do this though.

[00:19:22] You’re right. OK. Dre that. That sounds great. Some of you who have had this challenge. Some of you with whom I’ve had this specific conversation. Now you’re right. You know I get it. But why why would I raise my price Dre when somebody is already undercutting me on price. Why would I raise my price joy when the last prospect I talked to already told me that my price was too high. How

[00:19:43] Can I justify raising my prices Dre when I haven’t been in the game that long. Haven’t been in business that long. I don’t have that long of a resume. I just seen five people on Instagram who are like ten times better than me. I have much more experience than me and a written like six books a piece. How can I justify raising my price when there are all these people who are better than me. I could barely get the price and I’m charging right now. What sense does it make for me to raise my price.

[00:20:04] Let me answer that question for you. What if people can’t pay me. What if people won’t pay me. Let me ask you a question. Here’s a question. I’ll answer your questions but a question of my own. Here it is. I do this often. Are there people out there. This one I’m going to ask you right now. Are there people out there entrepreneurs solo pioneer service based entrepreneur. Are there people out there instead of for third time doing what you do. Same thing that you do who are charging 10 to 20 times what you’re charging. Yoni mustn’t think about that. I know that’s an immediate yes guaranteed as a yes. OK. So here’s my follow up question today. Since you said yesterday well here’s my follow up question can you deliver at their level or maybe even better than. Now if you’ve got to think about that you’re not quite sure. We got some work to do but you’re not our last call. Not at all. We got some work to do.

[00:20:57] But if you’re saying yes there are people out there who are charging 10 to 20 times when I’m charging and I know I’m better than them I know I’m at least as good as them. I know I can help people just as much as they’re helping people will. Boom. There you go.

[00:21:08] Raise your price. Now you gotta raise it to ten to 20 x what you’re charging right now.

[00:21:13] If you wanted you could now as a whole lot of things that go around this I know is not that simple core is not quote that simple close quote as me saying it right here actually it is that simple. But there are some details to go around that no get into the details I mean into the details in. First of all there’s gonna be a future episode of raising your price. But then in a game group a go even deeper into this.

[00:21:37] Is there somebody charging more than what you charge right now. The answer is yes and you can deliver at their level or even better than. They need to be charged with their charges.

[00:21:46] One.

[00:21:48] One the only thing stopping any of you from charging more than you’re charging right now is you. As I said in point number two the only bottleneck to your business is you. You are the number one bottleneck.

[00:22:02] Your inability or your ineptitude when it comes to delegation. Your inability or ineptitude when it comes to codifying your work to remove yourself from the equation at least somewhat. Your inability an unwillingness not inability is anybody to raise bar. Everybody knows how to count his listeners it is right. Everybody knows that 100 is more than 50 right. Okay so it is not your inability to raise your prices your unwillingness to raise your price which is much more emotional and it is logical. Logos in the episode of 835. Well talk about your price. Me too. These are a bottle next to your business understand your bottlenecks or not. I need an assistant. Your bottleneck is not an I don’t know what to do. I just told you what to do your bottleneck is not people will have money. No none of those are bottlenecks. The bottleneck is you and I just explained the three biggest bottlenecks that I hear of from entrepreneurs who come to me. Entrepreneurs and I have conversations with these are three biggest bottlenecks but this the Work On Your Game Podcast so many episodes we got right to another episode this is missing. I got material for this. We don’t address this the next. Let me see delegations next episode. Codification is next one after that. Raising your prices the next one after that. Removing yourself from the equation next month after that. How’s that sounds. I sound like five straight really good episodes. You entrepreneurs those unit who’ve been asking me to talk about business these five episodes this one in the next four. We don’t address all of these topics one by one. We don’t take this layer by layer and then you won’t get into the game group either now or then. Better Late Than Never Never late is better. I mean your hand to the stuff you can deliver their level raise the price.

[00:23:40] States.

[00:23:41] Let’s recap today’s topic. Much already recap which is entrepreneurs how to stop doing all the work yourself. If you find yourself working yourself to death which you are literally doing if you’re always working you’re working yourself to death because that’s the only place you’re going. Are you not going back to birth. No there’s only one direction you can go when you’re born. Number one Delegate delegate delegate delegate your work.

[00:24:01] Know what you’re doing have clarity on what the work is. You can explain it and teach it to somebody else and so you can check on them when they’re doing the work so you know they’re doing it right. Delegating work to other people is a trust thing. And is also a clarity and communication thing. I can help you with both. All three actually.

[00:24:16] Point number three point number two codification taking what you know putting it into a format from which others can utilize and benefit from what you do so that if you choose to go on vacation if you choose to spend some time with your wife if you choose to. I mean if you get sick if you get a broken leg if you just can’t deliver for whatever reason your computer’s broke. You’re physically injured you can’t talk whatever it is that you do you cannot physically perform that service can you still bring money and yes you can if you codify your knowledge. I will tell you all the different codification is the key to how I built my business.

[00:24:48] I’ll tell you that right now but I’ll get deeper into that when we get into the whole codification episode. Point number three raise your prices as the biggest one for everybody even if you didn’t change anything about what you do. If you want to be working all day if you want to be driving from client to client all day seven days a week and you want to do that and have no life outside of that but you want to make a whole lot more money all you do is raise your prices whatever you’re charging now. Charles Moore you might want to clients that I have won’t pay that. That’s OK. Are other clients out there as you already said there are people out there charging 10 times where you’re charged and they got clients. So how could you not. How could you raise your price and not have clients right they got clients you could have clients. Logically that makes sense right. We’ll get into that in deeper detail. Again these five episodes we don’t give a give it to you business people as you’ve been asking for you won’t get it right here.

[00:25:31] Work on your game. Dre All Day dot.com.

2:11 Today’s Topic: Entrepreneurs Stop Doing All The Work Yourself!

4:42 Point I: Delegate! Delegate! Delegate!

7:25 Point II: Codification: Codifying your work.

11:54 The better you get the worst this problem becomes

17:21 Point III: Raise Your Prices!

21:01 Every time you prove yourself at a certain price point, your price shall increase.

25:42 Recap

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