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The idea is simple: take what you know, and put it into a consumable format that someone else can consume and learn from without you ever needing to invest time into that one individual.

That’s codification. It’s how information products get made and sold. It’s how this podcasts exists. It’s how any knowledgeable person who you know of but have never met (or never had teach you everything they know) came to your consciousness.

And it’s something you need to start doing ASAP. Today I explain why.

[Transcript] #1101: Codification Of Your Knowledge

[00:00:00] You’re now tuned in to the best of the best the show where you learn the discipline to show up day after day to do the work. The confidence to put yourself out there boldly and authentically in the mental toughness to continue showing up doing the work putting yourself out there even when a success you’ve expected to achieve has yet to be achieved. And on top of all this you get to use those personal initiative. This is that go getter energy that moves you me and everybody else to make things happen instead of waiting for things to happen. We put all of this together in one package and what you get is the mindset the method the podcast and the book. Your had a book get the damn book called Work on your game. My name is Dre Baldwin also known as Dre All Day. Welcome to the show. Today’s topic. The key topic is a major key topic that I told you a couple of days ago was going to be a major key topic that I was going to talk about.

Here it is this is about codification of your knowledge. Now this topic of codification is a very important topic to me as this. This is the key skill that really made me an entrepreneur and what allows me as as a full time entrepreneur for the last several years to create free time for myself is the fact that I’m able to codify my now it’s codified my experiences experience multiplied by knowledge and make it into something that you and everybody else can consume without my physical presence being required.

The fact that I can codification means for me is the fact that I can translate what I know into consumable goods meaning a podcast episode like this when you’re listening to a YouTube video a blog post a book an online course a free PDA that you download taking the things that I know putting into a format you can get it for me without shaking my hand that you can use and benefit from without ever having me physically needing to be present where you are.

[00:01:51] When I do this and I charge for it we call it a product. When I do it I give it away for free. We call it content – but they’re the exact same thing.

Of course there is levels to this shit right. Is levels to how you do it but they’re the exact same thing. Taking what you know or what you’ve experienced or a combination of what you know multiply by what you experience with the Nevada what I do I’m kind of in that sweet spot there in between the two. That’s codification definition again as I talked about in two days Agos episode is the process of arranging walls or rules according to a system or a plan codification. Ladies and gentlemen is one of the major major we’ll call it gaps that I see when I’m talking to the entrepreneurs especially to solo pioneers out there who are in service based businesses. Those of you who are coaches personal trainers consultants speakers doesn’t happen as often with speakers but consultants coaches personal trainers and there can be any kind of coach whether you’re athletic coach or you coach people one on one or your know you’re like a life coach or business coach.

[00:03:00] Is that codification is the thing that a lot of people who are successful in their service based business such as having a whole bunch of clients. You could be great having a whole bunch of clients but you’re not able or you’re unwilling to codify your knowledge. I was having a conversation with an entrepreneur a couple of weeks ago from the date that I’m recording this and I was explaining to them this whole thing of codifying you analysis they have all these clients and they were asking me what Dre you know what what they want me to help them with or advise them with was how to get more clients who pay more money. And I told them Well you probably don’t want more clients because you ain’t got no time right now. How the hell you even own a service and you’ll have time now you will service more clients and they wanted more money at home raise their prices and he pushed back against the price raising bank was willing to talk about in tomorrow’s episode but what they really needed to do and I introduced them to this idea that they weren’t even considering. I said what you actually need to do entrepreneur is take the things that you know and start putting them into packaged packaged into packages as package them up into a way that people can get it from you and pay you for it without you having to actually sit down and do a Skype call with them or sit down with them one on one or go to their house or have a retreat and they got to come there instead of you physically having to be everywhere to your businesses how about you start codifying what you know so that other people can learn from what about I mean you’re in whatever city they were in let’s say this person was in Miami and you had all these clients in Miami what what if some guy in Alabama wants to learn for you.

[00:04:25] What if someone in Texas wants to learn from you. I was speaking to a person who is a personal trainer very successful personal trainer has so many clients and so many people want to work with them. They get invited to people’s personal events. They were telling me they got invited to what was a communion they get they’re getting invited the baby showers just because they are great personal trainer that’s how great this individual is at training but their problem wasn’t have any time. And I said to them Well you know what about when you want to go on vacation you know if you want to go to Disney World but if you end up having children you need to spend time with them.

[00:04:54] What if your girlfriend says you know what if you’ll start giving me more time than this relationship’s over. What are you going to do then with all your clients your clients can’t save none of those situations need to start codifying what you know take what you know start putting it into a package form so that people can listen to your podcast or take your online course or read your book or follow your programs like codifying these things that you know so that you can remove yourself at least somewhat from the equation. I’m not telling you service based entrepreneurs to stop giving your services and giving your services is a good thing. Number one it keeps your face and name out there circulating. Number two it keeps your feet on the ground. It keeps your feet in the streets rather so that you know what’s going on you see what challenges people are asking for. You don’t want to just lock yourself in a room and start codifying for the rescue right because you’re going to be codifying now is that people don’t even want or aren’t even asking for because you’re not out there in the streets talking to people. So you still want to talk to people as much codifying as I do as many episodes at as podcast as I have as many videos I put on YouTube.

[00:05:51] Many books as I’ve written as many programs as I’ve created I still get on my Instagram VM and read people’s questions are still reply to comments on youtube I still look at all my emails I still see what people responded to I still post polls on my Instagram story to see what people are thinking and what people are saying because I need to have my feet in the streets and know what people actually need. So when I’m codifying I’m actually making stuff that people want that makes sense right. So you want to have a mix of both but you don’t want your whole life to be you given a service because you can only physically be. Well first of all because if something happens to you you can’t give you a service. Secondly no matter how great you are giving your service if you’re given this amazing service in Dallas Texas wouldn’t it be people in Philadelphia who love your service aren’t the people in Montana who will love your service. Maybe not Montana are the people in Alaska. People in L.A. people in Miami people in New Orleans people in Houston who love your service if you were in those places but you can’t be an all and at the same time and even if you were to travel the world giving your services you can only be in one physical space at a time and you still had this limit of only 24 hours a day and.

[00:06:51] Oh how long your life is gonna last. You can’t reach everybody at once. I couldn’t sit down and have a one on one with every single person who was listening to this podcast. I will run out of time. I will run out of airplanes I run out of time. I might run out of talent. I might run out of my ability to speak my my voice got to rest a little bit. I can’t do it for everybody but if I codify what I know I can reach a whole lot of people where they are with what they need is somebody who I listen to audio. Some of you at YouTube video some of you are reading both. Some of you like online courses some of you would like to go with a one on one session. You’re willing to invest in it. Some of you want a combination of all these things and there’s some people out there who want none of this and no one hears shit from Dre bottom and they now listen to it is right now and is all right.

[00:07:32] So that’s why we codify what we know for the people who want it at the level at which they want it so that they can get us you service based entrepreneurs you knowledge entrepreneurs those you who are thinking about you think about pioneers who are thinking about becoming entrepreneurs. You’ve got to codify what you know so that you can reach everybody where they are. I mean physically I mean that metaphorically as well to give them what they need so you can help them they help you because they’re going to pay for what they want. They’ll pay with their attention they’ll pay with their time. And of course they’ll pay with their money and you helping them there. You’re getting some minute exchange for what they’re giving you and they’re getting somebody money for what they owe me said it again. You’re getting something in exchange for what you’re giving them and they’re getting something you say is what they are giving you. A podcast episode of video blog a book. Those are all things that people can use. Those are all codification. Let’s get into our points. We haven’t even gotten there yet. Today’s topic again is codification of your knowledge. Point number one you got a right now in your system for teaching or explaining or training or whatever it is that you do. What is your system for doing it. You notice that we’re coming back to this point over and over again over the last three episodes here of what is the system what is the plan. What is the strategy what is the process.

[00:08:42] What is your system for getting from where you were to where you are or your system for getting a person it’s always to start working with you right now and there in this situation. What’s your process for getting them from point A to Point B. These are way too easy. What is that process. What is the system. What is the strategy. What is the plan. Do you even know.

[00:09:01] If I was the step to you as a service based entrepreneur and say okay I’m a brand new begin I know absolutely nothing about what you teach and I want you to help me become competent. What’s the process. What do we know. How long does it take. What are the steps. What I need to do. Write it down. Don’t tell don’t tell me. Don’t start speaking to me.

[00:09:17] Write it down. What is the process. Get it all out of your head.

[00:09:26] Entrepreneur knowledge knowledgeable person expert. Get it all out of your head. Order. Expertise. Get it out of your brain. Because this will help make it more clear for you. See what you got to write it down. Even when you got to speak it out well it may help helps make it a whole lot more clear for you because you’ve got to make this you’ve got to articulate in a way to somebody who does not know what you know can understand it. So when I record this podcast it helps me understand my processes better. Helps me understand my opinions better helps me understand the things that I think I know really well it helps me understand them a whole lot better because I got to explain it to you and you may not know it as well as I know you may not have been thinking about it all day. The way that I’ve been thinking about it all day you may have not spent the last 10 years talking about it in youtube videos I got here so I got 20 minutes to make it make sense for you when I’ve been talking about it for 10 years I got to articulate that clearly I got to have strong communication skills to get that across you whether I’m doing it as a speaker on his podcast and a YouTube video and a blog post and a book I’ve got to take the things that I noted things that I’ve been through and articulate them in a way that it makes sense for somebody who does not have my experience who does not have the depth of going through it and thinking about it and editing it and going back and forth and they’ve got to make sense.

[00:10:35] When you read my book work when you gain a book is with 250 ish pages that I talked about from when I was 14 years old no that’s 20 plus years of life down to 250 pages I had to be really I had to really work on my communication skills I had to get clear on the process what exactly do I want to give in his book. Like I wrote a 10000 thousand page book and all of it would have been through.

[00:10:58] But I need to get it down to 250 pages.

[00:11:01] So your process when you’re codifying what is that process and understand that there is more than one process. Right. As a basketball player have more than one process. What’s the process for working on your ball handling. What’s the process for jumping high. What’s the process for shooting a jump shot. What’s the process for talking to a coach who’s not giving you the playing time you want what’s the process for starting overseas basketball career what’s the process for transitioning from playing basketball at a time to maybe starting a business from what you did in basketball and making it makes sense for somebody who doesn’t even care about basketball. Those are all separate processes those are all separate products as all separates separate processes of codification that if you have strong enough communication skills and even if you don’t if you work on it you can develop these communication skills and help you do that. All of these are processes you’ve got to get out of your head or out of your experience and get them down quote on paper close quote whether that be you recorded an audio you do a video on it you write it down and ideally I’m winking right now. I’m not good at winking but I’m winking right now. All three right now audio and video get in all those formats because different people take things in different ways. And some people ain’t listen the podcast but they own YouTube both. Some people don’t watch youtube but they rebook posts and people don’t read but they listen to podcasts as long as you got one up there listen to it all day. So being everywhere that people are. And again that’s a separate topic. This helps them more more clear for you and it assures you to someone who picks it up and uses what you codify.

[00:12:25] I can understand it. See when I made it my first basketball training program called Hoop handbook back in 2009 2010 around that time I knew how to work on my ball. I’ve been doing it for years but I had to write it down and demonstrate it and explain it in a way that somebody could pick that program up. Never have a conversation with me ever in their life and understand exactly how I did it do it themselves and get results from it as if I did not produce that result. If it didn’t do that then they would come back to me and say Yo Dre this program is garbage game my fucking money bet. So when you’re codifying and you’re going to sell which you codify it better make sense. That’s where your communication skills got to come in. If you communication skills you don’t feel they’re strong enough to do this just yet. That’s all right. That’s why this podcast is called working on your game. We’re going to help you work on your game but you got to be willing to do the work and you’ve got to understand that there is work to be done understand exactly what that work is. And this is the price I’m giving you to process right here. First step is writing down your system for teasing or explaining understand what you write it down to first time. This is like you’re your rough draft so to speak it doesn’t have to make perfect sense doesn’t have to be perfect proves OK this is not going in the Library of Congress is this No see you’re taking right now so you’re clear on what the process is at least for your understanding. OK. It is not for anybody else to read yet but you got to be clear enough for your understanding so somebody else can use it and understand it. You notice how that point someone else being able to take what you know and use it without your involved means that it keeps coming up. First you got to understand if and understand.

[00:13:51] Point number two. Today’s topic is about codification of your knowledge understanding information and knowledge.

[00:13:59] They’re already out there information and now is already out there.

[00:14:03] Okay so write a book as a business strategy is not news. Start a podcast is already the other episode in December of 2018. Why you should start a podcast and also why you shouldn’t start packing. That information’s already out there are selling products and becoming an entrepreneur are those aren’t new ideas.

[00:14:20] A don’t thing I’m introducing anybody anything that you never considered or heard of or thought about before. Our information and knowledge are already out there. OK so you’re not selling it. I’m not selling you information and knowledge. Now maybe some things that you’ve heard on this podcast is new information to you things that you never really consider but is now is information now you know OK so I can’t sell it to you again. And if you go to somebody else’s podcast and they may be talking about something similar they can’t sell it to you because you already heard it from me and I may talk about something that you heard from somebody else. So information and knowledge can’t be sold anymore. Zombies of you are thinking that you’re going to sell information and knowledge unless it’s very very detailed very highly specific information. There are some levels of highly specific information you can sell that’s not really what’s as someone these days what you’re selling is.

[00:15:03] You can write this now entrepreneurs you are suddenly a process a system you’re selling structure you’re selling organization. Those are the things you’re actually selling. Men are created. Basketball training programs. That’s where I became an entrepreneur through my basketball training programs. I wasn’t selling information like you were to work to get better dribbling when you got to practice dribbling that wasn’t news to anybody. Even though YouTube was in its infancy at the time it wasn’t news that you got a practice dribbling to get better at dribbling.

[00:15:30] What I saw was the process. Here’s how here’s the process of how it works. Here’s what you do first. Then you do this. You do this many of it. You do it this this many times you do it these days a week and once you do these. Then you move on to this. Then you move on to this is the move once it is then you put it all together and you get this. You hear what I’m saying here. This is exactly what I was selling. Again it wasn’t just the information is information and knowledge was already out there. Plenty of people who would hold any basketball player.

[00:15:56] Ok. Well you had to work on you got to work on your hand or if you want to get better a German. That ain’t news. It was the process of how to do it. The system that I put in place. You do this then this then this. This is how many times this how many days if you mess up here and do this. This happens if this that happens do that. There was the system the structure I structured it and said OK all this knowledge and information is out here these days and this is a key point. Are you entrepreneurs are you once pioneers. Listen to this point here. All the knowledge and information that is out there these days is not your enemy it is your friend. Because once knowledge and information can no longer be sold because it’s free on Wikipedia and Google and everywhere else these days and all the thousand other people who are podcasting right now right alongside me. Once all the information now is came out they didn’t hurt you. That shouldn’t hurt your business should help your business because the more information and now as it gets thrown out there in the world the less organization the less structure the less plan the less strategy that people have and people are walking around. Damn we got all this information. All it is now is all this information. Where do I begin. Where do I start. What do I do first. I don’t know what’s working what’s the right system that I should follow so I do this one or this one or this one they all say similar things but they all do it a little bit differently what’s what makes the most sense.

[00:17:08] That’s where you step in as the expert and so and show people a process a system give them structure give them organization something to follow step by step where you are guiding them alone. That’s your job. So it’s not the information is the I’ll say one more time. Process system structure and organization. And your story and brand that keeps people coming to you as opposed to anyone else. That’s the. That’s a little bit of a secret sauce that can keep people coming in because as I’m not the only person in the world who could tell people how to dribble a basketball. But it is my style. It was my story is the fact that I came from here and I ended up here and I did these things and I went through these things and I’m doing this stuff and I’ll tell you a little bit about me. Those are the things that make it sticky. Not a process structure organization may be great but I might not be the only one with a good process structure and organization. Somebody else may have a different one that produces the exact same result but we are different stories. We had different brands so we have different ways of communication. We have different things around us that will call certain people that come to me and certain people to go to the other guy and that’s all right is everybody is enough room for everybody I was enough enough money and attention and fans and everything for everybody to get some. That’s why you got it.

[00:18:23] You put all these things together your story and your brand is what makes it sticky and keeps people coming back to you even when your process and system structure is perfect. The story in the brand is what keeps people with you even after a you’ve produced the result even when you’re there people listening to it is right now who have no plans on becoming an entrepreneur. No plans on going into business for themselves at least not right now is not a pressing idea for you but you’re still listening to it is because you’ve bought into Dre All Day And what I talk about on this podcast even though the specific topic is not really a for you or about you. That’s what I’m talking about. Or those are you who listens is a different podcast even when a topic is not really something you’re that interested in you still listen just to see with its own mark as you like it that much. Or a YouTube video or even a book or a blog post or an email to some masons out or surmise IDC story. Talking about something that don’t make sense but you keep watching the story because you like them that much. It became sticky and that’s a whole different topic we’re talking about branding with all the information out there reasons other than what people lack is not more information it is structure organization not knowledge. Point number three. Today’s topic is codifying what you know codification of your now is number three.

[00:19:32] You do not have to give your customers the for everything of everything you do and everything you know and all the now as it is in your brain do not information vomits on your audience do not do this.

[00:19:45] There’s another conversation where I’ve had pushback from many solar pioneers when I’m talking to on his topic of codification is that their right. Well men all these things that I know all these parts all these moving parts all these different options how do I give them all of this. Well you don’t get them all at it and you probably can’t because you don’t know them all personally many people who are in service based businesses especially your service is tailored to the individual you in front of.

[00:20:11] Right. I was talking to someone who’s a coach and she said you know each client that I work with I tailor what I’m doing based on that person based on where they are based on their general need. So Jerry how am I able to codify that if everything is custom fit to one individual person. Well you’re not going to custom fit something for the general public or the general audience that is specific to what’s your sharing or what you’re selling.

[00:20:33] I have entrepreneurs who are used to doing that one on one coaching but they’re being physical training whether it be in business coaching whether it’s consulting I understand that every everything being personalized and custom to each individual I understand I get it. Keep doing it. Here’s the fix. 80 percent of what your target audience needs is what they need. Any 80 percent of it they don’t need 100 percent of what you note in the 80 percent to 80 80 rule. You heard the 80 20 rule. I call this one the 80 80 rule 80 percent of the information is what 80 percent of your audience needs. I would say that one more time I tell you about that 20 percent 80 percent of the information is what 80 percent of your audience needs. So you got 10 people in front of you who want something from you. Eight of those 10 need about 80 percent of information now to add a 10. What that extra 20 percent they want 100 percent of the information. You know what happens with them. Those are the ones who pay for your one on ones are the other eight. They’re good with the codified knowledge. They get to save money in the process or spend the amount that they’re capable of spending in the process. Either way you save time. They get what they need is all they need is 80 percent they only a hundred percent of what you know they own or use. Even if you gave them 100 percent they’re only going to use 80 percent of it. So you don’t need to give them all of it. There’s another challenge that entrepreneurs run into is it sounds it I ran into at times as an entrepreneur is trying to give people too much information too much more information is not better. Ladies and gentlemen people have short attention spans.

[00:22:04] Look at your phone. How many apps you got on their farming notifications you got on your phone right now. How many apps on your phone could you open right now because you’re wondering if something is going on that app that you need to know about right now in this moment. You really don’t. But you know what I’m saying. You don’t need to give people more information give them what they need. Eighty percent of your audience needs 80 percent of the information. They’re good with that and they will pay for it and they’ll be happy with it and they will produce results from it and give you a glowing testimonial. They’re good. The 20 percent who need 100 percent information OK they pay for your one to one customized custom tailor whatever you want to call it or whatever fancy language you want to put on it.

[00:22:37] They pay from 100 percent and they pay more and they’re willing to pay more because they notice what they’re paying for.

[00:22:43] Don’t try to give everybody a hundred percent because you can’t give everybody a hundred percent all at once. Sorry there won’t be none of you left. Point number four. Today’s topic is codification of your knowledge. Understand is somebody actually let me correct that a lot of somebodies. There are a lot of somebodies out there right now. I’m speaking to you entrepreneurs are here who are waiting for your value. What you have to offer. They’re waiting for it. They need it. They can’t get it from anybody else. They’ve heard other people talk about it but it’s not quite hitting home with them because they need to hear from you.

[00:23:15] They need to read your free PDA. Think you know your email address and listen to your podcast and subscribe to your youtube channel and read your book and take your online course. They are waiting for it and if they don’t get it then it just won’t keep wasting away and getting worse. They’re growing less and less patient and their wait for you. Are they’re being patient waiting for you right now. They’re not going to wait forever. I just told you people got short attention spans. Eventually they’re going to get what they need.

[00:23:41] They won’t get it from you or get it from somebody else. And the longer you wait the lower your chances. Can only think I need to go any deeper on this point right here.

[00:23:52] No for you all of you out there who are service based entrepreneurs whether you’re a personal trainer you are a life coach you are your peak performance coach your. You have. I don’t even know what. So you’re a therapist. Whatever it is that you do.

[00:24:10] You may be great where you live right now given that service maybe even doing in Omaha. I guarantee you there are a bunch of people who do not know you or do not know of you and would gladly pay for what you have to offer if they heard of you and they saw you in action.

[00:24:24] They would gladly pay for it there in San Diego you’re in L.A. there in Seattle you’re in Minnesota they’re in Milwaukee you’re in Philadelphia they’re in Tampa Bay you’re in Miami they’re in New Orleans you’re in San Francisco now you can’t be everywhere at once physically but you can’t be everywhere at once when you codify your book can be in every bookstore in America if you write the book your online course could be. Given to a person in Dallas Philly New York London Bangladesh Sydney Australia and San Diego all with the exact same time they get somebody and it’s one of those cities could be taking your online course right now but they can’t all sit down one on one with you ever.

[00:25:06] Actually they could ever but not at the same time. Me correct myself.

[00:25:12] They’re waiting for their value but they’ve got short attention spans people. How short is your attention span these days. All right what about the people who are waiting to buy from you people who are waiting to subscribe to you to people who are waiting to listen to you to people who are waiting to follow you but they can’t because you don’t have anything out there for them to consume. They’re going to get it maybe from somebody other Uta is it taking someone to codify you now it’s not giving you the steps to start this indie game group I am giving you all the details on exactly how I codify how to codify and you’ll be able to ask me directly your questions about codification nicer so you can get so you can get your knowledge out of your head and get it into a format which other people can consume because they need it they need your help there’s not just about helping yourself is about helping the people who actually need it.

[00:25:55] I had never I mean I just think about how many people have listened to this podcast or watched my YouTube videos or used one of my programs whether somebody bought something or they didn’t buy something that people that I’ve reached because I was able to take what I knew codify and put it out for people to learn from and my not only person in the world who ever taught basketball drills know my only person ever taught motivation or mental game or confidence or discipline no I’m not the only person who ever did it but I believe my way of doing it has it been able to reach certain people in a certain way that they could not have gotten it from anybody else and I feel the exact same way about some of you entrepreneurs out there who are listening there are people who need to get what you have and need to get it from you in your way but they can’t get it because you’re running around giving your physical time to your individual kinds it only so many of you can get to. Codifying your knowledge will change the game not only for you before the people who need what you have.

[00:26:50] Let’s recap today’s topic codification of your knowledge and goodness and game group that we go into more detail on this which you’ve heard about in this ad Dre datacom slash membership. Point number one write down your system for teaching or explaining or training or whatever it is you do.

[00:27:05] How you do it. Get it all out of your head or help make it clear for you and assure that someone who picks it up and uses it can understand it. This is a point that will continue to come up over and over and over again. It’s more clear that you understand the more clear to somebody else more understand. Point number two understanding information and knowledge are already out there you are not selling information and knowledge you are selling process system structure and organization people will pay for these things. They have a ton of now add so much that they don’t even know what the hell to do with it. They will pay somebody to tell them what to do with all the information and now that’s where you step in. Point number 3 you don’t have to give your customers for everything of what you do you probably can’t unless you know them personally. So this is what you need to do. Understand that 80 percent of your audience needs 80 percent of the information that’s all they need. They will be happy with it. They will get results from it. They will progress and move forward with 80 percent of information they don’t need 100 percent of information.

[00:27:56] The few people the two out of 10 who do need a hundred percent of information. Those become your one or more clients. Everybody else can utilize your codified knowledge. They don’t need anything more than that. Do not try to give them 100 because you won’t have any of you left. Point number 4. There are a lot of somebodies out there waiting for your value what you have to offer and they can only hear it the way that they need to hear it. They can only get it from you but if you don’t put it out they’re never going to get it. Therefore they’ll never get the fulfillment that they need. Therefore you can’t get the film a unique because you never serve the people that you are here to serve. They do not have enough patients to keep waiting for you. People got very short census bands these days. Look at yourself homeless. How much it since been do you. All right that’s how much most people have to they’re going gonna get what they need. They’re just going to get a watered down version of it from somebody who is not as good as you at reaching them.

[00:28:42] And the longer you wait the lower your chances. This is codification tomorrow we’ll talk about raising your prices work on your game. Dre.

[00:28:51] All day dot.com.

2:15 Today’s Topic: Codification Of Your Knowledge

9:40 Point I: Write down your system.

14:56 Point II: Information and knowledge are already out there.

20:15 Point III: Don’t do information vomit on your audience.

24:58 Point IV: A lot of somebody are waiting for your value.

28:47 Recap

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