#1111: Knowledge Entrepreneurs: Remove Yourself From The Equation [WOYG Podcast]

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Any business enterprise can have many moving parts. And the longer we’re in business (or the more we do/offer), we find ourselves doing way too much — including a bunch of stuff that we should never be involved with. Today’s show is about removing yourself from as much of your business’ equation as possible.

2:09 Today’s Topic: Knowledge Entrepreneurs Remove Yourself From The Equation

4:42 Point I: Start working from the “inside-out”.

9:52 Point II: Money Question: If you could not work for me directly anymore, but you still wanted to learn from me and get this value, what would they need to look like? Let your clients answer the question.

13:25 Point III: See this as a requirement. You can’t serve clients all your life.

18:43 Recap

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