#1115: You’re Thinking Too Much [WOYG Podcast]

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Action conveys commitment. Once we start acting on an idea, we’re (at least somewhat) committed to it. People have a deep fear of commitment, for many reasons — one being that they can’t do anything else while committed to this one thing. And that leads to a lot of problems. Today I aim to help you to stop overthinking and actually make that commitment to action.

2:11 Today’s Topic: You’re Thinking TOO Much

5:23 Point I: Your instinct is what alerts you to opportunity

6:22 Our conscious mind, isn’t nearly as smart as our instinct.

9:34 Point II: Some things in life can only take place “in the moment”.

16:15 Point III: Life only remembers what you did, not what you thought about.

19:49 Recap

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