#1123: Working On Your Game Is Only Step ONE [WOYG Podcast]

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Yes – Mr. Work On Your Game is telling you that there is more work to be done after you get your game in place (though that requires vigilance as well). Today you learn the next steps after you work on your game that you’ll need for producing results.

6:01 Today’s Topic: Working On Your Game Is Only Step ONE

7:12 Point I: The purpose of working on your game is to create and be ready for an opportunity.

9:16 Point II: You gotta get IN the game.

14:27 If you can’t sell yourself, all that work you’ve done in the dark may never see the light of day.

14:59 Point III: Performing

15:27 Disclaimer: Showing that work off when it matters most, that is a skill on itself.

17:52 Point IV: Producing results

22:16 Point V: Leverage your results into a new opportunity.

23:13 Recap

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