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Have a mentor or idol of successful person who’s achievements you wish to pattern your game after? Great. Today I’ll share with you how you need to follow those people — and it’s likely not the way that you have been following them.

4:10 Today’s Topic: To Follow Their Path, Live By Their Ways

9:49 Point I: Go deeper than the surface.

18:17 If anybody can do it then it’s probably not going to make you stand out.

18:44 Point II: Are you willing to do the not so fun parts?

27:23 Point III: You gotta be willing and prepared to do more than the other person did.

32:22 Recap

The Work On Your Game podcast covers every aspect of Mental Toughness, Confidence and Discipline with 9-year pro basketball player and author of 22 books on the Mental Game of sports and life, Dre Baldwin. Learn more about Dre at http://DreAllDay.com.

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