#1152: Why The Competition Doesn’t Matter [WOYG Podcast]

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There’s a lot of competition out there today. Rare is it we’re the only ones doing what we’re doing, especially since so much of what we do is “out there” to be seen and consumed. There’s always someone or something trying to grab a slice of the pie we’re eating from. But today you’ll learn why that competition doesn’t even better to you. Listen closely.

2:15 Today’s Topic: Why The Competition Doesn’t Matter

4:35 Point I: Nobody can beat you at being you.

9:57 Point II: Every second that you invest in studying and scheming against the competition, that’s the moment that you’re not putting into yourself. You’re robbing your life of its no. 1 asset, your attention.

11:29 Point III: Your audience is going to sample what the competition is doing with or without your permission. No matter how great you are, the audience will always look around.

16:05 Recap

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