#1161: Stop Following Everything You See [WOYG Podcast]

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We can spend literally an entire day following, looking at and discussing what other people are doing. Some people actually do this, leaving all their personal potential completely untapped. Today I will tell you why you need to stop looking at and following a discussing so much of everyone else — and what to do with this surplus of attention. 

2:09 Today’s Topic: Stop Following Everything You See

6:57 Point I: Success is consistent in disciplined plans, thoughts, and actions applied over an extended period of time.

9:48 Point II: Why many people may not come out and say that discipline is the foundation for anyone who has created any real lasting success in anything

13:16 Point III: Choose who or what you’re gonna listen to.

19:08 Recap

The Work On Your Game podcast covers every aspect of Mental Toughness, Confidence and Discipline with 9-year pro basketball player and author of 22 books on the Mental Game of sports and life, Dre Baldwin. Learn more about Dre at http://DreAllDay.com.

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