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dre baldwin 100 speaking engagements in 8 months dreallday.comI mentioned doing 100 150 speaking engagements in 8 months. Follow my progress here as it happens:

  1. Toastmasters Miami Beach: No, No, No! [Note: I am President at Miami Beach Toastmasters; technically I speak there every week. So these only count if I give a speech.]
  2. Speaking to students at Margate Middle School: “Success”
  3. Tony Montana” at Miami Beach Toastmasters
  4. Mental Toughness talk at Department of Juvenile Justice
  5. TEDxCoconutGrove was February 5, 2016. Video Here.
  6. TEDxUNLV is April 8
  7. Urban League Fort Lauderdale on April 12. Topic: Branding
  8. (Can’t say yet, negotiating)
  9. (Can’t say yet, negotiating)
  10. (Can’t say yet, negotiating)
  11. (Can’t say yet, waiting on date)

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