#159: 15 is More Than Zero: Building Your Brand [WOYG Podcast]

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Building a brand takes time. You need to gain attention and trust and build equity in your name.

Nothing is going to just pop off, just because. – Russell Simmons

You have a small following. Some really niche fans. A local buzz, as they say. Are you embarrassed by it? Feel worse than if you’d never done anything? Think you’re doing something wrong?

Listen:10 or 26 or 43 followers/hearts/likes is more than zero. You now have ____ people who are willing to hear what you have to day. You now have a responsibility to give them more than they give you. This is called value and it’s how a brand is built.

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  1. Dre!! this one is f**king great!
    I’ve just started posting my stuff up online and this feeling is def a struggle for me right now.

    I’ve literally listened to this episode like 10 times! Every time I get the feeling that I’m not moving the needle I re-listen.

    Your posts just keep getting better and better, man. Keep it up!!

    • Great to hear Len! Glad this is helpful for you. Thanks, and Keep at it!

  2. You create something one step at a time, moment by moment. One fan at a time. Always good to be reminded Dre.

    Always comes back to you and the work. If you’re focused on I’ve only got X number of fans then you need to refocus back to the work and what you’re doing.

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