#161: Mentors – Why To Have Them & How To Use Them [WOYG Podcast]

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Many people know of mentoring. People see the value in having someone who’s ahead of you sharing wisdom with you.

However, many people don’t quite understand the role of a mentor and your responsibility as a mentee. It’s not just give me information and answer all my questions.

Today, you’ll learn what the value of mentor is – and what you need to do to keep one.

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  1. To get started helping yourself read 3 to 5 books on your chosen subject. You’re looking for connections, ideas that keep coming up. The ideas that keep coming up will most likely be the fundamentals, learn and apply those. You’ll then be on your way. Got that idea from Josh Kaufman. His TED talk on how to learn anything in 20 hours.

    Another great episode Dre. It can sometimes be hard to discipline yourself to apply what you learn from virtual sources. That’s where, from experience, you find people to learn from that resonate with you in some way.

    For me I like the way you come across and explain things, we also have similar books, I especially like the Paul Arden books It’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be. And Whatever you think, think the opposite, don’t think I’ve heard anyone else talk about them. If you don’t read much yet, check them books out on Dre’s reading list, they’re fun and an easy read plus contain a lot of wisdom

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