#1630: How (White) Social Justice Warriors Are Sending Black Folks Backwards [Work On Your Game Podcast]

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We know there’s been a lot of things going on and majority of it has been on the subject of race. Many people have tons of different opinions and guest what, I’m a person and I’ve got some opinions! In this episode, I’m talking about how social justice warriors are actually hurting the black community. Yes, you didn’t misread that. Social justice warriors are HURTING the black community, listen to this episode as I tell you why.

17:58 #1 It alleviates the need for black people’s own personal accountability
26:31 #2 Reinforced narratives that aren’t the real issues for black people
30:15 #3 Social media, mainstream media, and the social justice warriors are all on the same team
33:15 Recap

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