#164: They’re Uncomfortable Around You? They Should Be [WOYG Podcast]

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Your progress as a person will happen faster than some of your associates expect it to. Maybe they didn’t expect any progress at all. People usually expect from others what they expect of themselves.

What happens when your changes as a person makes some people uncomfortable?

Some people unconsciously slow down their progress. Some go backwards. Some find new friends.

What do you do? What will you do? Dre Baldwin has some things for you to take heed of in today’s episode.

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  1. If you want those around you, those that you care about, family, friends, to come on your journey, get them listening to the podcast. Keep them informed, maybe it will inspire them. Maybe you’ll inspire them with your actions, the best way to inspire others.

    I have heard, from various sources, that those closest fear they are losing you when you grow and become what you want to be, so if you can communicate with them and share that journey it may help.

    If you still can’t get them to see things the way you do, and you’ve tried as much as you can, then get comfortable being alone until you can find others who are growth oriented.

    Thanks Dre, another interesting episode.

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