#166: Building Your Foundation: Become The SOURCE [WOYG Podcast]

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All these people online, blogging,making vids, posting pics… how can YOU stand out? What makes you any different from the rest?

Do you know your topic well? Like, expert-level well? If so, here’s what you do: You become the source of information on the topic.

You publish all there is to know about a certain topic (nothing is “too narrow” — narrow is actually better) to the point everyone who searches it sees you over and over again.

This establishes 1) You as a serious expert since you’re everywhere 2) You as someone who’s on top of what’s new and trending, since you’re always publishing.

In this episode, learn how to become the source and the power behind it.

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  1. To stay ahead you need to be looking into the future. What’s coming up in your field that could be a game changer? How will that help or hinder those in the field now? How can those in the field protect their jobs, what would they need to know? What’s happening in other related industries? How will that impact your field? What’s happening globally? Where can people go to get an education in your field? Can you combine multiple industries into one?

    To own a movie studio I’m going to need to know all the related fields, publishing, merchandising, licensing, virtual reality, gaming, 3D Printing, Augmented Reality. Along with an above average knowledge of all production techniques, web design, research, web security, business, marketing…the list goes on. You need to know and understand the connections between each.

    As a leader, in any field or any area including relationships, you need to know where you’re going and be able to guide others around the obstacles. The more you know the more prepared you’ll be. It really comes down to knowing your field, the history, the present and the future and knowing all related areas. One more thing learn a bit about other industries, other areas as you never know what you could learn and apply in your own field, then you create the game changer.

    A great episode Dre, got me thinking of all the areas I could talk about/learn about. How I can build my foundation and go deep with it.

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