#167: Execution: It Ain’t About Them [WOYG Podcast]

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Gregg Popovich didn’t really care for game planning for the other team. He knew what his team needed to do: run our plays, make the right reads and decisions. If that happens, we win. Doesn’t matter who we play.

Business think they need to jump on every new social platform to stay top of mind to customers. Wrong: you need to execute on doing what your customers want, as best you can, every single day. No Twitter strategy will make up for a lack in this area.

Basketball players think they need 100 moves to score a lot of points. Wrong: you need a few moves you can do well, and so well it doesn’t even matter when the defender knows it’s coming. Think Allen Iverson’s crossover: He did it anyway, and if you anticipated it, he had a counter move to that. But it was NEVER about you, the guy on defense. IT was about what HE wanted to do.

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  1. I share your podcast on twitter and on facebook which is mainly family and friends. I’m not sure how many actually listen, let alone apply what you share.

    It’s interesting as from what I know we’re not a big self development family, I come from a background where you go to school, then get a job, any job, and stick with it until you retire or it retires you. You enjoy your life in retirement, which makes zero sense as we’re not guaranteed tomorrow let alone 40 odd years time. Anyone reading this with this situation just focus on your game. Do your thing and keep listening to the podcast episodes.

    Despite that I’ve always felt there must be more than just that, even in school I never really got the point, it always felt like they lacked ambition or something.

    So here I am working on my game thanks to people like you Dre who are willing to share what they know and pass on the education that’s sorely needed for everyone. Skills that can be used for always. Another great episode, this one for me was a reminder to focus on what you want and what you’re going for.

    That 24 hour challenge in only thinking of what you want is a REAL challenge. So far I’ve managed about half hour before catching myself. Yet I’m still going for it.

    • Colin, glad you’re sharing the podcast. The 24 Challenge is no joke!

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