#170: You Need Action, Not Advice [WOYG Podcast]

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The first version of my website sucked. It was really bad.

It was all HTML, and I am far from a programmer. I’m also not a designer. The site looked horrible. Yet, I had readers and fans. People respected the site.

Why? Because I had done what many people also wanted to do. But it wasn’t even that I had done it better than them. It was that I’d done it, period. I had started a website, when many people were thinking about a website. I’d taken action, jumping into the pool while some stood on the edge wondering how cold the water was.

That mindset served me when I started my pro basketball career, again knowing nothing. And again when I decided to become a professional speaker. And again in consulting. And again in hiring assistants. And it will serve me again and again in the next things I do.

Did I ever seek advice on what I was doing in these areas? YES! But only after I’d taken enough action to know what I needed advice on.

This episode tells you why you need to start taking action as if your future depended on it. One good reason is because it does.

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  1. I love looking at artwork, illustrations, comics, graphic novels and just how good they are. For years I’d look at the artwork and think I’m nowhere near as good as them then I discovered that I’m seeing the finished result.

    I discovered a book called Working Methods: comic creators detail their storytelling and artistic processes, in this it shows just how much work goes in to creating just one image, starting with really rough sketches to final artwork. Even the top in the field, any field, started somewhere and even now they’re still figuring it out, where to place things, what characters look like, the composition of each shot.

    How do they figure it out? They draw it out in rough and keep going until they have the finished piece.

    Always appreciate the reminder Dre. Sometimes you can get stuck in the information stage and not take action. The whole law of inertia. Your work is always appreciated.

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