#174: The Car, Gas & Steering Wheel Of Success [WOYG Podcast]

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To get what you want in life, you’ll need a few tools.

You need a way of getting there. Your own legs could do the job, but you may run out of time with that method.

You need a push. What is your fuel that moves you to action? What picks you back up after being knocked down? What brings you to work when all others don’t show up?

You need direction. Energy is reckless and deadly if not properly directed. Where are you going? How do you channel your energy into productive activity? When do you change course – and how much when you do?

Lean In this episode how all 3 play a role in your success.

Have you ever been missing any of the 3? What did you do/are you doing to get it now?

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  1. My fuel is the work on your game podcast, at least some of the fuel. Find it inspiring and gets me in gear for the day. Once you have those things, the car, the gas and the steering wheel, hit the accelerator.

    If you find yourself with a roadblock, take a detour and get back on track as quick as you can. A roadblock could even help you get to your destination quicker as you may find it’s a quicker route to your success. The path less traveled. The longer journey may prepare you more for quicker success.

    I’ve found that myself on car journeys where there’s a detour and it takes you out of your way by miles but you actually get to where you want to be ahead of those sitting in traffic, plus you’ve been through villages and towns you may not of discovered if you kept on the main road.

    Always full of value Dre.

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