#177: Writing Out Your Perfect Life [WOYG Podcast]

September 28, 2016 #177: Writing Out Your Perfect Life [WOYG Podcast]

I’ll grant you a wish: I’ll make your life exactly how you want it. The only catch is, you can only have the life you’ve written out. If I can’t see and read it, your wish is cancelled.

One more thing: You get one turn to write it out before I grant exactly what you asked for, in full.

What exactly would your life look like if everything worked out perfectly? Where would you live? Who knows you? What do you do every day?

In this episode, learn about your perfect life. How to envision it, verbalized it, and get it in your physical sights so it can actually happen.

What are some elements of your perfect life? Have you ever written out your thoughts in this way? Talk about it in the comments!

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