#182: Why You Should Still Trade Some Time For Money [WOYG Podcast]

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The prevailing wisdom is, maneuver your life as to not trade your time for money. Though this is a good idea, it’s not fully accurate.

You should still trade some of your time for money.


You keep your ear to the ground. You know what’s going on. You hear directly from your customers and clients and people you can help. Without trading time for money, you can get too far from the source of need, and your auditions will be out of touch. As will your customers.

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  1. Was an interesting perspective, it made sense. I’m more in the find ways to create passive income, although it doesn’t seem to work that way, you still have to promote, you still have to be out there otherwise nobody will find you, well the odd person may luck into it but that’s not going to pay the bills.

    You talk about being out there and was thinking back to my gardening business, most of my new clients came about because they saw me out there doing the work, they could see I was good. I got one client because I walked past her house with a lawnmower.

    I got you have to be out there at least until you have enough until you can retire from it, otherwise you’ve always got to be out there. This one was more challenging as I’ve got my mind set on automate, passive income. Need to open my mind a bit more. It’s always good Dre.

    • Im glad this helped Colin. As you can see from your own experience, being out there working draws attention and lets people see you actively involved. Passive income is the goal, but we don’t want to live passive lives.

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