#184: Napoleon Hill’s 17 Principles Of Personal Achievement, Part 2 (#10-17) [WOYG Podcast]

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I am a huge fan of Napoleon Hill; if you listen to this podcast daily you probably know this. In addition to his 31 causes of failure, Mr. Hill also shared his 17 principles of success, which I will detail and explain in today’s and yesterday’s episodes (part 1).

Take notes on these and rate yourself on how much you are exemplifying each one!

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  1. Gratitude. That here I am sitting on a computer able to listen to The Work On Your Game Podcast, that I’m able to absorb the information, that you’re out there creating this Dre. That you’ve developed your mind and continue to do so so you can bring us this information from your perspective. That we can then take this information and use it from our perspective.

    That we have the internet that connects us to information, people, anytime we want, that we can learn anything. Be anything. Do anything that our mind can conceive. That we can expand our mind to be, do, have more.

    That my mind is now processing the information you’ve given us and is looking for connections. Definiteness of purpose is number 1 in my mind, that gives direction to everything. Enthusiasm for that purpose followed by Creative Vision and Applied faith. Vision will show you how to do it while faith will fuel you that you can. Then without health you wouldn’t be able to do these things. Health falls under habit, so a lot of these tie together. BE first, then DO.

    Always great brain food Dre.

    • Glad you could identify gratitude. We take anythings for granted in our day-to-day lives. Thanks Colin.

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