#186: Job Vs. Entrepreneurship: Which is Better? [WOYG Podcast]

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Jobs have been demonized by our entrepreneur-happy society. There are many reasons for this – some good, some not holding much water.

Today, I share the pros and cons of both paths. Neither is easy and neither is as guaranteed as it may seem. Ultimately, you will still need to make a decision. Maybe your decision is to do both!

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  1. The one thing, well two actually, that I don’t like about a job is that I don’t control my time and that I have to take orders, both summed up as lack of control. You have to be at work at a certain time which eats into my day and then you’re told what needs doing with the priorities set by someone else. The whole building someone elses dream.

    That’s why I listen to your podcast, read your books, read the books you recommend, find others who can help me improve myself so I can offer value and build my own dream. My self discipline is a little lacking but it is getting there with every new thing I learn, I’m taking the steps to put myself in a better position.

    I have plans, I have ambition and I will get there. Great expectations.

    Everyone benefits from sharing knowledge, sharing experiences but always appreciate that you’ve put this stuff out there Dre.

    • One other important thing is you can’t choose who you work with when it comes to a job, where I work they don’t share my level of ambition, in fact I don’t think they have any ambition they’re just happy drifting along as it’s a job, it pays the bills. I want more than that and you can’t explain that, well you can but you get pity looks like they know something I don’t…that amuses me though.

      Good news is, it gives me time to think and I can spend time alone thinking as I go about my day, plus I’m surrounded by knowledge, it’s a book packing warehouse and we have thousands of titles. Something captures my interest I make a note and look to get it as soon as I can.

    • You’re right on both points. You don’t control who’s around you, and you’re spending chunk of your life with those people. And with people who may not share your ambition, they wont understand your mindset. Great input Colin!

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