#191: “I Only Hear From You When It’s About Your Money!” [WOYG Podcast]

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Life is a business. You slept in a bed that costs money. The food you eat today costs money. If you die, it costs money!

So there’s nothing wrong with focusing on your money. As a matter of fact, you should think about money.

When someone tries to paint you as bad or wrong for thinking about money – requiring you be paid for your time or work, selling something of value – that person is playing a slick game with you.

Stay out of the trap.

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  1. I’ve been guilty of disrespecting money by saying it’s not important, trying to justify not having any by minimising its importance, but never again.

    I love the value of money is what you can do with it. Locking it away in a pension fund is no use except to those who manage the pension fund, I believe in planning for the future but will invest it myself, that way it’s all down to me.

    Thanks Dre. Love the daily reminders or learning something totally new or something I know but given a change of perspective. Always refreshing.

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