#192: Ideas Vs Execution [WOYG Podcast]

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The mice were being terrorized by the cat. Something must be done!   A great idea came out. Let’s put a bell around the cat’s neck – then we can heard him coming!

What a great idea! Everyone rejoiced. Until an older, wise mouse spoke up. Who’s going to put the bell around the cat’s neck?

No one volunteered. The cat is still eating well.

Ideas are great, but essentially worthless. There are no million dollar ideas. Execution is worth a lot, though. Learn today how to start execute.

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  1. That’s another reason why you give your ideas away. The value comes from doing, maybe you’ve just given someone an idea and they take it and make a million. That’s a reason to celebrate as you’ve given value.

    Ideas are seeds, scatter those seeds far and wide. Then tend to the ones that resonate with you, water, feed and tend to them until they become a tree or a plant. The execution.

    Value is in allowing others to tend to the seeds you scattered. When the tree is fully grown some of the fruit will fall your way.

    Great episode Dre. Appreciate the value you give daily.

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