#193: Fame Or Fortune- Which Do YOU Choose? [WOYG Podcast]

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If you had to choose between fame and fortune – you can only have one – which do you pick?  Someone asked me which was more important to me.

Because some people, in the long run, end up leaning heavily to one side or the other. Yes – it’s great to have BOTH, but one will lead to the other. Which do you start with?

Some people who have huge followings don’t have the income. And there are people with money who you’ve never heard of.

Today’s show explains the difference between the two and how you may have to prioritize for yourself.

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  1. It’s an interesting question and my first response was Fortune. Never has fame been of interest. Then I heard how you need to build a following, get yourself known so people know you’re out there, like you and buy from you. So that led to me thinking fame and fortune are entwined. Now you’ve shared an interesting point that they’re not always combined together and it’s in the ownership for real fortune.

    It’s an age old battle with creative people, money vs art, you can have both but you need to provide what the customer is willing to buy as opposed to your own vision. So now you need to make a choice. Money or art? That’s a tougher one, I can own it but nobody will know I created it. That’s where you have a team who create and you pay the cheque. I think I’d still go with the money, with the money you can do a lot more with it. You can even finance your unique vision on the back of a more popular project.

    It’s always great Dre, now you have another filter in which to direct your energy. What’s the most important to you? Fortune, so when it comes to choices that’s the direction I’ll filter it through.

    • Glad ot see it got you to thinking Colin. Another point I didn’t mention is, feeding our vanity as humans. People want to receive credit and recognition -- and will pay huge sums for it!

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