#194: Go To Where It’s At! [WOYG Podcast]

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If you want to act, it’s Los Angeles or New York. Modeling? New York, Los Angeles or Miami. Stripper aspirations? Las Vegas, Miami and Atlanta.

Whatever field you want to get yourself known in, you have to be where it’s at. Maybe it’s no longer a physical location, but communities exist for any area in which you want to make inroads.

Today’s show is about getting yourself in the mix of every community you step into.

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  1. This is the difference between looking for a needle in a haystack and shooting fish in a barrel. If you’re where it’s at it’s much easier to network with like minded people where you can offer value to each other. Vs Not being where it’s at, you might find other like minded individuals but they’d be harder to come by.

    Think it really comes down to fear if you’re not prepared to go where it’s at. If you’re making excuses of any kind, it’s fear. Most likely fear of not being good enough. In which case you need to work on your game but you need to show up. That’s the only way you’ll get your game up to the next level. The people who are where it’s at are more likely to be the best at what they do, you can get constructive feedback. Going direct to the marketplace with a product and you’ll soon know if you’re good enough or not, or have what people want.

    Another interesting episode Dre, always makes me think. Always appreciated.

    For anyone reading this. Reasons to comment on an episode.

    1. Let’s Dre know what you think.
    2. Gives you the option to consider your take on the subject. Sometimes I really have to think how this applies to me. How Dre’s perspective impacts me.
    3. You can go back and re read your comments while listening to the episode again. You can see how far you’ve come, if you still think the same way about an episode.
    4. May help others when they’re listening to the episode. Your comment could spark off an idea for someone else.

    • Thanks for sharing this Colin. I like point #3 a lot! Good idea for the future.

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