#198: What is Your Capacity For Belief? [WOYG Podcast]

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We all can believe. We all can practice applied faith. Some of us practice high levels of belief – going in the wrong direction.

But belief will be tested. Especially if your goals are big. In those moments, you find out what your capacity for belief is. How long can you continue believing when things aren’t working? How far removed from your goals can you be while still being faithful to the vision?

Today’s show questions your capacity for belief, then shows you how to step it up.

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  1. The more you feed your belief the more you believe, it’s a never ending circle only strengthening the more you feed it.

    That’s why I come here daily, the more I fill my mind with what you teach the more it impacts my belief, my confidence, my discipline. My job is to then reinforce everything and apply it to my life, that’s the part I always missed previously and why it never worked, no matter how good the information is if I don’t apply it it’s never going to do anything for me and that’s a waste.

    How far can you go? How much belief can you have? How BIG can you live? I’m looking forward to finding out, my belief today is BIGGER and stronger than it was yesterday and it will be even stronger tomorrow. As long as I’m learning and growing it will continue to grow with me. That’s the exciting part.

    Appreciate all the content you put out Dre. Your confidence material is the best I’ve found, it’s about connecting you back to yourself, you have confidence it just gets covered over with other peoples messages and all the shit you let in.

    • Absolutely!! The more you keep your mind on good thing, the higher the probability they happen. And the better you stay in that zone, the higher your achievement.

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