#199: The SCAM that is The American Education System [WOYG Podcast]

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Look at the definition of scam. Then look at the school system in the USA. If you’re in school and paying for it – most especially college – you’re being taken. I got taken myself. So I’m sharing what I’d wish I knew then with all of you now.

I Detail it all within the show, but let’s just look at textbooks. Some crooked professors require you have the book. School bookstores gouge you on prices and give you 10% of what you paid when you return the book in the same condition in which you got it. That alone is a scam that lines the school people’s pockets. With YOUR money.

There’s a whole lot more to it. Listen to the show and be enlightened.

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  1. I definitely agree that the American school system needs to change. I agree with what you said: the Internet does have all the facts there so why should I need to memorize old facts when I can look them up online? I mean this is what I do when I write papers and my little sister even does it with her homework. I think schools do the best job when they teach you something but require you to do some mental work on your own. In college I am receiving this now but on the lower level (middle school, high school) this needs to be implemented more.

    The education system needs a huge overhaul to teach to different kinds of learners and just a change in curriculum. I’m about to go into my second year of college and I am questioning everything now as I take out loans, etc. I think that the education system does workout well for people like your sister who used the facts and applied them. I do see myself as well going to grad school to become a professor but I plan to get a full ride to grad school. I feel like America being a capitalistic society adds to the fact that the education system is a scam and unfortunately children and young adults today are being cheated because of this.

    I also agree that financial education is necessary in schools, especially in college considering that most of us will be paying back loans. I believe that it should also be taught at a lower level because not everyone goes to college.

    I don’t think you can ever be taught skills like mental toughness or confidence though and that is why schools on any level have extracurriculars. Being in ROTC throughout high school definitely taught me those soft skills that school doesn’t teach you.

    I just think that the school system caters to certain people when I feel like it is our country’s job to cater to all types of people, considering that everyone is required to go to school.

    • I fully agree Shaniyla! Financial education is a huge need, especially in minority communities like where I’m from. You hit a great point in saying the education system is built on capitalism, making money — you’re absolutely right.
      As you’re in college, I do have later episode that shares what you can focus on while there to make the most of it.
      Thank you for commenting!

  2. The American education system sounds a lot like the UK education system, have a feeling they’re all pretty much the same. I was never a fan of school or education by numbers. Education and Learning I’m all for.

    We had teachers, and it’s a fair while ago, that would copy out the textbook on to a white board for us to then copy when we had the text book in front of us. Would’ve been so much easier just to say read chapter, whatever. I figured it would be the same for me to read the textbook and not show up, so that’s pretty much what I did, not the smartest of moves as you can get yourself into a lot of trouble not going to school.

    Personally I think anyone who wants to be a teacher should have at least some experience in the subject they teach. A lot of teachers go from School to University and then back to School as a teacher with no real world experience, that makes zero sense to me.

    Learn Independently and follow your interests. Learn anything that will get you ahead in life, sales, marketing, finance. Personal Development is key.

    Remember reading in the book The Magic Of Thinking Big, How much is a fact man worth? A $2 almanac at the time, zero now we have google.

    Now interested to hear the flip side to this. Someone defending school. Always value Dre.

    • This is very true Colin! I will be the one doing that flip side myself.

      • I would definitely want be interested in hearing your sister’s perspective on this topic.

        • Yeah me too; I’m not sure she listens to my show though. haha.

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