#204: Going “Over The Top” Of Problems [WOYG Podcast]

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The damn reclining airplane seat. I hate when it happens. But as I was thinking about how I’d handle a rude recliner, I realized the real problem was that I even had a problem in the first place.


That’s what I’ll cover in this episode: how to go over the top of problems, so they cease to ever be problems again.

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  1. Look for the root cause and deal with that. That’s value right there. Reminds me of going to the Doctor and he gives you a pill to deal with the symptoms, works in the short term but not good for long term. Solution fire the Doctor, get one who runs tests and finds the root cause. Get proactive in your health.

    I never recline my seat if I have someone sitting behind me, I get that I have the choice but it’s not something that makes me relaxed, knowing that a few inches from the back of my head is another person.

    Another great episode Dre, will now be looking to go Over the Top of my problems by finding the root cause and dealing with that.

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