#208: Don’t Be A Pig [WOYG Podcast]

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Professional Information Gatherers. There are many of them, and they never get full on their favorite foods. For a PIG, there will never be enough information to eat.

More knowledge. The latest tips and tricks. A new list of best practices.

Here’s the thing about PIGs: they get slaughtered (or even worse, if you’ve ever seen one of those food industry documentaries). You don’t want to become bacon on a sandwich at Wendy’s.

Learn today how to get skinny and fit with action. You’ll never be fat and roasted with an apple in your mouth.

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  1. Uncomfortable listening when you realise you’re the PIG. Being a pig is easy, creates an illusion of action, you’re doing something even if it’s going round in circles but then the episode hits you and you know you’re doing nothing of note to get to where you want to be.

    Like sitting in the car ready to go, Sat nav on and then typing in many different ways to get to your destination, route one is gridlocked, route two could take too long, route three looks too hard, oh route four looks promising wait route one has cleared…and on it goes until days have passed. Weeks, even years and your car is now rusty, Sat nav needs an update.

    I guarantee all us pigs know we’re delaying and that’s when regret hits and we vow to not repeat this behaviour, no more regrets. Opportunity is out there but it doesn’t wait.

    Action is and always will be the key, any action that takes you a little closer to where you want to be is more important than any information.

    Thanks for the mirror Dre, as uncomfortable as it is, it’s only reflecting back what you are right now.

    • You’re welcome! Glad you can identify areas for improvement.

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