#211: “School Just Isn’t For Me” … This Episode IS For You [WOYG Podcast]

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Some young people are in a rush to grow up. And people like me are to blame for it.

Some people don’t want to go to school anymore, and would rather focus on a sport or business idea. One important reason is the Entrepreneurial Gold Rush happening now, where everyone is starting a business. All the lifestyle entrepreneurs out here are getting the attention of the youth, who want to do the same thing.

As for the athletes, in America there is a system for football and basketball. If you feel you can buck and beat the system, go ahead and be the first. Or, you can play the game as it’s set up. As long as you know you’re being used, you’re OK. It’s those who have no idea who are in the real trouble.

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  1. Interesting episode Dre. If you’re a business person looking for a problem to solve there was a potential one in this podcast.

    How can I help athletes avoid the scam of college while preparing them for the real world? A real college alternative. Then again it could just be college, you can play your game and learn.

    Have a plan, know where you want to go. School is an activity so make sure you have a purpose that’s bigger, see episode 210.

    If I could go back I’d use school to get better, to learn more and prepare myself. That’s a solid plan.

    Always gets me thinking Dre.

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