#212: 3 Principles Of Creating Attention [WOYG Podcast]

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You want people looking at you? You want to be scrutinized and poked and prodded and pinched in every area? You want to be put on display for public consumption?

Ok. Today’s show will tell you how to do it. Follow these principles and you’ll have all the attention you could want, ad maybe more.

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  1. Can create a lot of good quality content with the documented evidence. Will help provide value to those who need it and show others you know what you’re doing. Provides proof. Content for all the platforms, so you’re out there far and wide, with a message that makes you stand out. Hopefully a message that runs the opposite to what’s already out there.

    Was thinking you don’t want attention if you can’t back it up, then again you could become the guy or girl who gets known for being able to do that thing, badly. Yet if you own it, you could build something out of that. I’m not saying you should do that, but it could work.

    Always get value Dre.

    • Very true! You may be bad at one thing and perfect for another at the same time -- even being known for being bad is better than being ignored.

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